Cost of a New Ceiling Fan

A new ceiling fan can help keep your family cooler for longer – but how much is the unit and installation all going to cost?

For those of you bored with the fuss and noise of stand-alone fans – the effort it takes to haul them from a loft or basement and the constant clacking of the fans once you do finally get them plugged-in and working – then it might be time to reconsider the best way to stay cool during hot weather. Granted, the UK isn’t exactly bathed in sweltering heat for months on end; but it does have its sunny spells, and sometimes staying inside and plugging in an old electric model is all you can do to keep cool. So what is the alternative?

Benefits of a New Ceiling Fan

Well, why not look into chucking out your old plug-in unit and installing brand new ceiling fans instead? There are numerous benefits to having ceiling fans compared with older standing fan units, including the fact that ceiling fans…

  • Reduce the need to open windows on windier days, even if it still hot outside.
  • Help to save space compared to clunky and obstructive stand-alone fan units, being located directly overhead and fully integrated with the existing light fittings.
  • Come in a range of different styles and designs to suit any kind of home interior.
  • Can be installed with specialist control panels that allow for a range of different settings, helping to make them work for you.
  • Work at the click of a button, making them convenient and useful additions to your home décor and layout.
  • Are significantly cheaper than installing a brand new air conditioning unit or system, helping you stay cool and still save money on your energy bills.

Cost of a New Ceiling Fan

Once you are persuaded of all the benefits a ceiling fan has to offer, it is time to start budgeting and coming up with the money to pay for the brand new installation. So how much do ceiling fans cost on average? Well, that depends on how many you want installed; the structural solidity of your floors and/or ceilings; and the size and style of design you choose. To help you get started, however, we have sourced the following estimates from three different online sources:

*All prices sourced from respective websites and rounded to the nearest pound. Accurate as of April 2016.

Remember, these figures are just average figures quotes from a couple of home-store websites, and don’t include installation fees or electrical running costs; for more accurate information about how much a ceiling fan might cost in the long run, you should contact either your energy provider or a trained and experienced electrician, who might be able to install the ceiling fans for a reduced follow-up price after you have gained the necessary knowledge and advice needed to know whether or not to proceed with this kind of home improvement project!