How much does Asbestos Removal Cost?

Asbestos can be dangerous to you and your family – so you should find out how much it costs to remove asbestos from your property as soon as you can.

Once upon a time, asbestos was used by builders and home contractors all over the UK as a vital fire-proof and insulating building material. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that this naturally-occurring fibrous material was finally banned by the UK government, after it become renowned for causing oft-fatal lung and respiratory diseases in anyone who regularly breathed in its fibrous pours or was exposed to it in their residence or as part of their occupation. As such, asbestos removal is absolutely necessary for anyone moving into a new home that was constructed before the turn of the century and whom is unsure about whether or not the property might actually contain asbestos.

Asbestos Removal Cost: Price Summary

Before getting started it is nevertheless important to consider: exactly how much does asbestos removal cost? Well, that all depends. Different types of asbestos need to be treated differently, and the final price of asbestos removal really depends on how extensive the infiltration throughout the property really is. To help give you a rough idea of the costs in question, however, we have sourced the following figures after some careful online research:

Asbestos Removal Task Average Cost (£)
Asbestos Property Survey (a complete sweep of the home that includes searching under floorboards, behind cavity walls and in lofts, attics and basements) 250
Asbestos Air Test (using modern technology to test the airborne levels of asbestos in properties where it is difficult to access the insulation) 60 – 100
Asbestos Removal (the safe and secure removal by technical experts of all traces of asbestos throughout the property) 300-3000 (depending on the size of the house)

Hiring a Professional Asbestos Removal Team

Although it might be tempting to save money and start searching for traces of asbestos in your home yourself, exposing you and your family’s lungs to this highly airborne and toxic material is highly dangerous; in fact, it is never recommended that you attempt any form of DIY where asbestos removal is concerned. Instead you should look at hiring a dedicated team of professionals who will do the work for you.

This team of professionals will clear the property of any traces of asbestos in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, and be able to recommend whether or not you and your family should vacate the premises while the removal takes place. They will also be able to identify what type of asbestos has been fitted into your property and be able to judge the safest method of removal, without damaging any of your existing floorboards, walls or beams. Plus, if you want more accurate quotes on things such as asbestos flue removal costs and asbestos tile removal costs, a professional contractor should be able to give you some estimates based on the size and nature of the job. It will cost more than simply clearing out your home by yourself, but where asbestos is concerned, you are always better off opting for a professional!