How much does it Cost to Install / Lay a Carpet?

A brand new carpet can transform the look of any room in your home – but what are carpet laying prices like in the UK?

If you aren’t a fan of hardwood or simply want a warmer and more comfortable home, then fitting out your property with brand new carpet might be the best way to refurbish your home. Carpets also act as great insulators, helping to keep your home warmer for longer and reducing the need to constantly turn up the central heating – but exactly what is the carpet installation cost? And can you afford the type of carpet and colour scheme you want?

Cost of Laying Carpet: Price Guide

To help you start your budgeting for new carpet installation, we have sourced the following figures online:

Carpet Laying Job Cost (£)
Carpeting a single room at 20 metres squared, including gripper installation 50 – 95
Carpeting two small rooms 60 – 80
Carpeting the stairs 80 – 100
Laying a stair runner including installation rods 120 – 130
Carpeting an entire semi-detached, three bedroom property 250 – 500

It is worth noting that none of these carpet installation prices include labour costs, and these will have to be factored into your budget before you sign any kind of contract.

Budgeting for Carpet Installation Cost

So what can affect the final cost of a complete carpet installation across your home? Well, there are a number of different aspects of the various carpeting jobs on the market that you need to take into account, including:

  • The number of rooms you want carpeted throughout your home (including the hallway, stairs, landing and any ‘in-between’ areas of the property).
  • The style, colour and material of the carpet, and the kind of retailer or manufacturer you are purchasing it from.
  • Whether or not you need to remove the old carpet or flooring first, as this will cost significantly extra if carried out by the same tradesman.
  • Whether or not you are going to hire a professional floorer to come and install the carpet for you, or whether you are planning on doing a bit of DIY and laying the new carpets yourself; the latter might take a bit longer, but is guaranteed to save you on expensive installation costs.

Hiring a Professional Tradesman

Although it might be tempting to opt for the DIY route when laying your new carpets, you should never attempt the task unless you have experience in this sort of home improvement work and are confident that you can get the job done to the sort of quality finish you want for your home; otherwise you might end up with a lot of extra work on your hands, including costly repair jobs! Your best bet is to always compare as many different labour quotes for carpet installation as possible before choosing a contractor that suits your budget – just don’t go for the first or cheapest option you find, as it is unlikely things will simply work out how you want them without putting the research in first.