How much does a Conservatory Cost?

A brand new conservatory install can add style and glamour – not to mention value – to your property! But how much will a conservatory cost?

Getting a brand new conservatory installed at the rear of your property is a great way to open up your home, add a bit of extra space and make your home feel that little extra stylish and modern. But how much is a new conservatory exactly going to cost you?

Conservatory cost UK: Price Summary

The average prices for a conservatory in the UK usually vary depending on the type of conservatory building you want to install. According to our research, the best conservatory prices online can be split by the different types of conservatory model available on the market:

Type of Conservatory Lowest Cost (£) Highest Cost (£)
A simple square or lean-to conservatory 1500 6000
A more ornate Edwardian or Victorian conservatory 4000 12,000
An elongated, P-shaped conservatory spread across the entire rear of a property 5000 20,000
A greenhouse or orangery-style conservatory, complete with installed heating mechanisms 12,000 25,000

Budgeting for the Best Conservatory Prices

Of course, these costs depend on a number of different factors that will influence the planning and final build of your new conservatory, including the following:

  • The type of foundations you have to hold a new conservatory build. Grass and soil is usually a lot easier – and therefore cheaper – to dig into and lay solid foundations than cement or concrete.
  • The size of the conservatory. As you can see above, Edwardian and Victorian models are usually larger and therefore cost more, but the shape and measurements of your garden will equally affect how easy it is to install a new conservatory.
  • The number of windows and glass panelling you want across the conservatory build.
    Whether or not you will need to install your own heating and lighting upon the conservatory’s completion, and hire a plumber and/or electrician to get the work done as part of the overall installation job.
  • How elaborately you want the finished conservatory furnished upon completion.
  • Whether or not you will need to apply for planning permission. Conservatories are usually classed as “permitted developments” in the UK and therefore don’t require planning permission, but this is dependent on a number of clauses, including the height of the roof and how much garden space the new install is taking up. To make sure the law is on your side, you should always double-check with your local authority on this matter before building work gets underway; or at least check the government’s planning portal website.

Hiring a professional Conservatory Installation team

Conservatories are often classed as highly complicated and prolonged construction projects and/or new builds, and as such it is rarely a good idea to attempt installing a new conservatory as part of a DIY job. Instead, you should look at hiring a trained and efficient construction team who will be able to plan the shape and structure of your conservatory, source all the necessary materials and finish the build within your projected time frame and proposed budget.

This team will often include various types of contractor, including architects, project managers, builders, plasterers and electricians, but to make sure you get the best priced conservatory in your local area you should try to find a dedicated team of professionals who will work together and for a single lump sum. This way you only have to focus on one group of professionals to see your conservatory finished and ready for use – not to mention only getting the one bill at the end of such a long home improvement project!