Guide to u-PVC Conservatory Prices

Figure out whether you can afford or a brand new conservatory with our handy guide to simple u-PVC conservatories prices.

If you want a home extension or a bit of extra room but can’t afford a brand new basement or attic conversion, or a physical extension of the property, then you are going to have to look on the cheaper side of things – and that’s where a simple, u-PVC conservatory can come in to help transform your home.

At first sight u-PVC isn’t the most appealing building material; some property owners complain that the white colouring is unsightly and that the plastic looks cheap and tacky. Nevertheless, u-PVC (or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic plastic polymer that is cheap to produce on a large scale, making extensions such as conservatories something for the ordinary home-owner – even if you are on a low budget. So exactly how much is a u-PVC conservatory going to cost?

u-PVC Conservatory Prices

Although most u-PVC conservatories can be found for similar prices both online and via phoning around for quotes and estimates related directly to your property, our research found that u-PVC conservatory prices nevertheless fell into two distinct categories:
1. A Lean-To u-PVC Conservatory – these kind of u-PVC conservatories are generally found on the side (sometimes the rear) of the property, and are designed to literally ‘lean’ against the building for extra structural support. They are otherwise simply designed and usually cost somewhere between £1500 – 2400.
2. A Standing / Square u-PVC Conservatory – square (or ‘standing’) u-PVC conservatories are usually posited at the rear of the property, and generally don’t ‘lean’ against the building but sit alongside it, and are regularly shaped with a flat or pointed roof that signals the conservatory as it’s own independent construction, rather than the ‘add-on’ design of a lean-to conservatory. As a result this kind of u-PVC model is a bit more expensive; usually somewhere around £2000 – 4500, depending on the size and style you choose.

Advantages of Cheap u-PVC Conservatories

So why are these u-PVC conservatories so cheap compared to regular Edwardian or brickwork extensions or conservatories? Well, there are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that generally, u-PVC conservatories…

  • Are made in a simple shape and design that is often flat-packed and therefore easy to build.
  • Are popular choices amongst home-owners, and therefore takes less time to install which reduces labour costs (as contractors’ fit square and lean-to u-PVC conservatories on a regular basis).
  • Will be designed in a ‘white-plastic’ stock-colour that is mass produced to complement a range of different building types all at once.
  • Have a lot less windows and window frames than Edwardian and/or Victorian conservatories and therefore cost less to produce.
  • Are made of a cheap plastic resin (u-PVC) that can also be mass produced to create a range of frames and moulds at a very small wholesale cost.
  • Are regularly advertised and delivered as a pre-designed, pre-packaged item – which helps to avoid the additional designer or architect’s fees that come with more ornate bespoke conservatory models.

Although you can combine a u-PVC conservatory with other makes, models and materials, it is important to note that this will end up costing a bit extra – so make sure it is assimilated into your budget before you sign for anything more than a simple u-PVC model.