How much does it Cost to Convert a Garage?

See how much a brand new garage conversion might set you back with this handy guide to convert a garage prices and this kind of home improvement.

convert a garage
If you have an old, disused garage you basically have a room in your home that is going to waste; so why not opt for a garage conversion instead? A brand new, fully renovated room can go a long way to opening up your home and giving you the extra space you might really need.

So how much is a garage conversion? Well, that will depend on a number of different factors – all of which are worth checking out in our guide on how much to convert a garage will be across the UK.

Costs to convert a garage

  • Convert Garage to Bedroom Cost – generally, converting your garage space into a standard downstairs single bedroom will cost somewhere between £3500 – 7500.
  • Double Garage Conversion Cost – a double garage conversion will cost a bit more, usually around £5000 – 9000.
  • Convert Carport to Garage Cost – if you want to convert an old carport into a brand new garage, then you should look to pay somewhere around £6500 – 10,000.
  • Average Cost of a Garage Conversion – in the UK, the average cost to convert a garage of any size into almost any room for the home will nevertheless usually fall somewhere between £5000 – 8000.

It is important to note that these garage conversions prices are just estimates based on our online research, and for more accurate quotes you should get in touch with as many different contractors as you can before you settle on a final budget.

Budgeting for the Cost of a Garage Conversion

So how do you come up with a preliminary budget in the first place? Well, this obviously depends on how much for a garage conversion you have to spend to begin with; but also exactly what kind of garage conversion you have in mind and the extent of the building and construction work your plans involve. For instance, you might need to think about one or more of the following building considerations that may affect your final garage conversions cost:

  • The size of the garage and the shape and layout of the space you have to work with; for example, will you need to install an internal stud wall to even out the room?
  • What about the height of the existing floor? Does it need to be raised to align with the rest of the home?
  • Do you have easy access to existing utilities, or will the room need rewiring and hooking up to your boiler, electrics and other essential pipe-work?
  • Does the garage need further insulation installed before being made inhabitable?
  • What about ventilation? Do you need to install an extra window or an air conditioning panel?
  • …and finally, do you need planning permission for your garage conversion? In the UK most garage renovations fall under the “permitted development” banner (where you won’t require planning permission), but it is always worth running your plans through with a local authority enforcement officer first just in case.

Hiring a Professional Contractor

The last thing that might affect the cost of garage conversion on your property is your chosen contractor(s). Will you require an architect and project manager, or simply a group of labourers to re-do the room according to your existing plans? Although a DIY job might seem tempting, if you are after re-wiring or any kind of utility amendments it is always a good idea to opt for a professional tradesmen to do the work for you; it might take a little while comparing the average cost of garage conversion in your local area, but by shopping around for the best deal you are sure to find the right garage conversion cost for you.