How much does a Garage Conversion Cost?

Got a garage going spare but unsure how to make the most of the extra space? Well fear not – because the average cost of a garage conversion might be less than you might think.

An unused or unfilled garage shouldn’t go to waste – instead, you should find some way of making the space useful or entertaining for either you or all of the family. But what kind of room can you get out of an old and disused garage? And how much does it cost to convert a garage?

Garage Conversion Ideas

The scale of your garage conversion (and the cost of converting a garage) will obviously depend on your preliminary budget forecast, but there are numerous things and/or rooms you might find suited to your home that you never previously thought of, including the following:

  • A purpose-built utility room.
  • A tool shed or purpose-built workshop.
  • An additional living room, dining room or reading room.
  • An extra downstairs bedroom.
  • A kitchen extension or pantry/larder.
  • A playroom for younger children and their friends/playmates.
  • A fully integrated home cinema.

Garage Conversions Cost Guide

Determining how much to convert a garage you will need is no easy task; and to start budgeting as carefully as possibly for your garage conversion costs, there are a number of different aspects of the renovation you need to think about, including the following:

  • Do you need new electrical sockets or outlets installed? According to our research, these can cost up to £100 per socket.
  • What about plumbing and waterworks? New radiators often come in at around £300 each, and a new boiler that is capable of heating the additional room might even set you back another £1000.
  • What about the structural properties of your garage? The insertion of a new stud wall can often cost around £750, while a new solid wall comes in a bit higher at £1300; and a new opening in the structure, such as a window or door, can set you back a further £500-600.
  • Finally, think about the interior décor of the garage – how much are you willing to pay on new wallpaper, decoration and furnishings?

So how much does a garage conversion cost as a whole? Well, once you combine a lot of these prices to get a final sum you should be looking to pay around £5000 – 7000 in total for your new garage conversion, depending on where you live in the UK and what needs doing as part of the renovation.

Hiring a Professional Conversion Company

To avoid any dodgy building work or shoddy electrics or plumbing you should always hire from a reputable conversion company or building contractor to carry out your conversion for you. They will bring their own team of experts and professionals to examine your blueprints and see what is achievable within your projected budget. Plus if you stick with trusted builders your garage conversion prices are likely to stay low in the long run – as you won’t have to bother with any follow-up repairs in the near future!