How much does it Cost to Hire an Electrician?

Messing around with electricity can be dangerous, even if you think you know what you’re doing – but if you have a recurring issue can you afford average electrical installation costs?

hire an electrician

Hire an Electrician: Hourly Rate

While changing a bulb or re-wiring a plug might not pose much of a challenge to most modern home-owners, regular power outages or a faulty appliance or plug socket can pose the risk of electric shock and worse – and as such should always be looked at by a professional, fully qualified and trained electrician. But how much do electricians charge?

The average rate of an electrician will depend on the nature of the job and whereabouts in the UK you live, but according to our own research most home-owners should be able to find an electrician in their local area who is willing to respond to a call-out and carry out small-grade repairs for as little as between £22-40 per hour.

Evaluating the Electrical Problem & Electrician Prices

Hourly rate aside, it is always a good idea to evaluate what needs repairing before you start ringing around and getting in touch with local electrical contractors; that way you will be able to and see what sort of repairs (and contractors) are within your immediate means and formulate some kind of preliminary budget.

To help you with your budgeting, we sourced a few more figures according to different electrical problems or issues you might encounter at home:

  • While replacing a single plug socket or installing a new alarm system can often be completed for under £100 (minus the hourly rate), the cost of rewiring a house in its entirety is significantly more expensive; you should be prepared to pay anywhere up to £1400 for the job, which usually takes up to a week to complete.
  • For an electrical inspection to assess the safety of the electrics throughout your house, prices will be a lot less than a complete re-wire; PAT testing prices and/or earth bonding often set home-owners back somewhere between £140-200. To keep your electrical survey cost as low as possible, you should make sure your chosen contractor has immediate and easy access to your fuse-box and airing cupboard, and point out any outlets or bulbs that have been damaged or broken for a prolonged period of time as soon as they arrive.
  • Finally, if you suffer a complete power-outage or you think a fuse has blown your electrical circuit, you will need to fork out for an emergency call-out fee; this usually comes in at around £60-90 per hour as opposed to the usual hourly rate (especially if it is out of usual working hours).

To get the best deal possible with your electrical repairs or testing, make sure you compare as many quotes as possible, and always check references from potential contractors. And if you want to avoid any kind of follow-up repairs with hidden fees, always read the small print in your contract too!