How much does it Cost to Install Wooden Flooring?

Discover the benefits of wooden flooring before seeing how competitive wooden flooring cost is on the current UK market.

Although carpets can seem more cosy and traditional, wooden flooring is slowly becoming the more popular flooring option for domestic homes across the UK. Unlike carpets, wooden floors require very little upkeep or maintenance, and even when something is spilt, it is very easy to clean up straight away. Wooden flooring is also more durable and long-lasting than either carpet or laminate flooring; and it has a smoother, cleaner finish that is often more aesthetically pleasing to the naked eye.

So there are numerous reasons why you should invest in wood if you fancy refurbishing your home and re-fitting multiple rooms with new floors; but how much does wood flooring cost exactly?

Wooden Flooring Cost Guide

There are a number of concerns that should be incorporated into any budget for wood flooring installation costs, including the following:

  • How large is the floor space you want refurbished? Is it as part of a single room renovation or across multiple rooms and door frames?
  • Are you looking to purchase the materials by themselves and do a bit of DIY floor-laying? Or are you going to pay professional labourers to come in and do the work for you?
  • What about the structural integrity of the floor? Will it need to be fitted with a new crawl space? This will add hours of labour to the job, therefore significantly increasing the final wooden flooring cost for your home.
  • Will you opt for glued hinges or lock-in mechanisms with your wooden flooring panels? The former is more sturdy and long-lasting, but the latter can usually be found a lot cheaper – helping to save you money.
  • The type of wood you choose for your floor is bound to affect your budget too; darker woods, such as mahogany and teal, are usually a lot more expensive than plainer pine colours.
  • That said, density also plays a part in the pricing: oak wood flooring prices and solid wood flooring prices are often a lot more expensive than cheap wood flooring prices found for items such as MDF composite panels.
  • Finally, do you want some kind of finish added to your wooden flooring, such as a preservative treatment or glossy varnish? Once again, this will add to the final cost of your new wooden floor.

So exactly how much should you be prepared to pay for all this? Well, according to our online research you should be looking to spend anywhere between £600 – 1000 per room for new wood flooring.

Hiring a Professional Floorer

For the best results in all rooms and throughout your home, you should always look around and find a professional flooring contractor to lay a new wooden floor for you. Ask friends and family members for recommendations of tradesmen they might have used in the past, and compare as many different prices and quotes as you can before signing a final contract. Be sure to be specific about the nature and extent of your flooring job too – after all, you want your chosen contractor to get everything done on time and within the budget you specify from the beginning!