How much does it Cost to Lay a Patio?

One of the most desirable qualities of a patio is that it provides a sturdy, reliable surface from which you can enjoy the outdoors in your own back garden nearly all year round. Whether you like hosting barbeques and family gatherings or simply want an outside space for your summer dinner parties, a new patio can help make these events easier and more enjoyable. But what about the cost to lay a patio? How much do you have to put aside for this sort of exterior renovation project?

How much does it Cost to Lay a Patio

To help you budget for a patio cost in your local area and see how much you might have to spend, we have sourced the following online figures for new patios according to whereabouts in the country you live:

  • In London, Greater London and the Home Counties: £1500-2800
  • In the South and Southwest: £1400-2400
  • In Wales, the Midlands, and the North: £1250-2000
  • In Scotland and Northern Ireland: £1000-2500

Patio Prices: A Cost Summary

Obviously the cost to lay a patio will also depend on a number of other factors, such as…

  • The size and layout of your garden.
  • Whether or not you need new foundations dug for your patio.
  • Whether you want the patio raised or level with the rest of your garden.
  • The kind of stone masonry, brickwork and/or other materials your patio will be made from.
  • Any garden and/or shrubbery clearance or whether or not you need to hire a tree surgeon to clear extra space and make the ground in the surrounding back-garden area stable and secure.
  • The addition of any heaters, canopies or awnings attached to the main bulk of the property.
  • How quickly you want the job completed and whether or not you are going to pitch in and attempt a bit of DIY to save on labour costs.
  • Whether you fancy paying a lump sum (including a fixed deposit) for the laying of your new patio or whether you would prefer to look a patio costs per square metre.
  • Whether or not waste disposal is included in the final price for the patio.
  • Whether or not the final price includes VAT.

Hiring a Qualified Contractor

Laying a new patio can be a stressful and long-winded job, so if you aren’t familiar with this sort of outside DIY project you are always best off leaving your new patio to a fully qualified contractor who has carried out similar work in the past. They will be able to carry out preliminary inspections to see if your garden is capable of supporting a new patio or if new foundations need to be laid, before offering you a by-the-numbers quote that you can then negotiate point by point. Plus you can hold accountable for any shoddy work upon completion – just make sure they are fully insured before you sign your agreed contract!