Garden Landscaping Cost

See how much the cost of landscaping a garden might set you back by budgeting for different projects early on and comparing ideas with costs as you go.

garden landscaping cost
A brand new garden might be just what your home needs to feel complete, and as summer approaches there is never a better time to look into professional garden landscaping projects to see if you can find a company or individual who understands your outdoor needs and help your garden realise its true potential. But where do you find these landscapers? And exactly how much does landscaping cost?

Budgeting for Garden Landscaping cost

When you are budgeting for your landscaping costs you should have in mind exactly the sort of garden you want and what kinds of landscaping work that might entail; for instance, you might need to consider at least one or more of the following before drawing up your final plans:

  • Do you want to excavate the current grass and top-soil to replace them with a brand new, smoother lawn? Do you want this across the entire garden?
  • What about installing new raised flowerbeds? Or would you prefer potted plants (which are easier to manage) dotted about instead?
  • Are you going to source new flowers and plants yourself? Or if you aren’t that fussy would you rather they are bought and arranged by the landscaper too?
  • What about trees and hedges? Landscapers can source and plant these natural barriers for you if you would prefer them in place of the usual man-made fences and/or gates.
  • Do you plan on laying any new footpaths, patios and/or decking?
  • Do you want to install any ponds, fountains or other large-scale water features?
  • Are you going to decorate the garden with your own ornaments and furniture? Or would you rather it is bought brand new to blend with your transformed garden surroundings?
  • Think about upgrading your garden with new heating and lighting options too; these can help you make the most of your outdoor space all year round, although may require some re-wiring from the main system in the home itself (not to mention costing significantly more).
  • Finally, is your garden the right size for the scale and ambition of your plans? Will everything you want fit in the space you have, even after it’s been landscaped? It is important not to overstretch your existing space or you might end up with a cluttered and unattractive garden – which defeats the whole point of getting it landscaped in the first place.

Landscaping Prices

Your final garden landscaping cost will vary according to what you want amongst the numerous features and renovations listed above, but generally a local landscaper will usually sort prices or quotes for the cost of landscaping into the following two categories:

  • Soft Landscaping Costs – ‘soft’ landscaping usually refers to something like a general clean and tidy, replacing an old lawn or upgrading or installing new raised flowerbeds; prices usually fall somewhere between £200 – 450 for a single project.
  • Hard Landscaping Costs – ‘hard’ landscaping, on the other hand refers to larger, more permanent projects; such as installing a brand new pond, or putting up some fencing or laying a new patio. These projects will vary in price a lot more, but you can usually put the final cost per landscaping job somewhere around £750 – 1500.

Remember it is up to you to find the best deal you can in your local area; our original research is based only on estimates from a few online sources, and you can help keep your own garden landscaping cost low by shopping around for a cheaper price and making sure you find a trained and qualified landscaper who won’t mess you around.

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