Guide to Garden Maintenance Prices

Your garden is your pride and joy but with time short, keeping on top of the lawn mowing and weeding can seem like a never-ending task. Hiring a gardener and gardening firm to complete some of these basic maintenance tasks gives you more time to enjoy your garden.
But how much would you expect to pay?

garden maintenance prices

Gardening maintenance prices: rates per hour

Garden maintenance prices vary from one part of the country another with gardening prices also dependent on what tasks you want completing.
Some gardeners charge by the hour thus, they will give you a quote for so many hours work. For one-off work, this price may be higher than if you pay the gardener to complete weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance over the summer months.
Most gardeners will charge between £12 and £25 per hour, varying on their experience. Expect to pay £50 per hour+ for a garden designer.

Specific garden maintenance services

If however, you ae choosing to hire a gardener to complete a specific maintenance task, you will find that gardening services prices will vary.

  • Lawn mowing – if there is one summer-time gardening task that many of us detest, it is mowing the lawn. Many gardeners will offer competitive rates for lawn mowing, dependent on the size of the lawn, frequency of cutting etc. Most gardeners’ rates for lawn mowing came out at an average of £30 for an hour-long job that include trimming, cutting, tidying and waste removal.
  • Trim a garden hedge – hedging can also be a big job but is essential, especially if your hedges are growing out into the road or across a pavement. Prices start at £115 but vary depending on how many hours the gardener may think it will take. Allow up to 4 hours and ensure that any quotation includes removal of garden waste.
  • Taming an overgrown garden – for some homeowners, it is not so much a case of maintenance, but rejuvenating the garden so that it can be enjoyed. Gardening prices are dependent on the work needed to tame an overgrown garden. Gardeners were quoting an average of £450 but up to £750 for one to three days’ work weeding, pruning, and mowing an overgrown garden measuring approximately 20m by 10m. Again, most quotations included removal of all waste.
  • Build a garden shed – want a summerhouse or a potting shed built in the garden? Some gardeners will complete this task for you. Quotes for this kind of work assumed that the customer had bought and had the shed delivered, and that the base for the shed had already been constructed. Building a shed can take half a day to a full day’s work, and can be a two-gardener job. Average quotations were around £150 although can be as high as £200, depending on how big the shed is. Do not forget to read our full guide on planning permission for a shed.
  • Garden fencing (new or repairing) – significant in terms of maintenance and gardening costs can be the repair garden fencing or fixing new fencing in a garden. Gardeners as well as fencing contractors are worth approaching for a quotation as can result in much cheaper quotes without compromising on quality. Building a new garden fence with 10 panels measuring 6 foot by 5 foot, including posts and capping were on average £760. This included all labour, materials and removal of all waste too.

Worth the Expense?

A few moments research will uncover many cheap gardeners throughout your area who offer a range of services to a high standard.
The benefits of regular garden maintenance are obvious but, most importantly, it means you can enjoy your garden without any of the hard work!