How Much Does Garden Landscaping Cost

For anyone who enjoys their garden, they want it looking good all year round. But, you may want to make changes. You can re-design your garden but, if the job involves a lot of design and planning, as well as heavy work, you may be thinking about hiring a landscaping gardener or company. But garden landscaping costs may be stopping you from taking the plunge. How much can you expect to pay?

garden landscaping costs

How much does landscaping cost?

The cost of landscaping a garden vary depending on what you want, the size of the garden, the work being carried out and so on. A professional could design a whole new garden and complete the work, or you may just want a new garden path and a few pots about the place.

The full landscaping experience

The cost of landscaping from design through to completion can be £7,000 – and this is for a small to medium sized garden. For larger gardens, if the whole space is being done, expect to pay more.
However, a landscaped garden is unique. You can take out the things you don’t like or want. You can create an oasis of a back garden that not only looks stunning, but is the perfect outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.
Don’t forget, a landscape garden sympathetically designed and well maintained will add value to your property too.

Save on garden landscaping costs

If you don’t have thousands of pounds tucked away to create a garden of your dreams, you can still benefit from professional landscaping services.
Effectively, you need to prioritise what you want the landscaping contractor to do and what you can complete. Breaking your landscaping project into smaller projects is a great way of saving on garden landscaping costs.

  • Patios – patios are a great addition to any garden, the perfect platform on which to place your deck chair and enjoy the summer sun. For a 4m by 2m patio, average costs are around £800. Taking around two days to complete, make sure you use a reputable contractor who quotes for removal of excess soil, a sand and hardcore base with patio slabs or your chosen material as the top layer. Also make sure the quotation includes removal of all waste.
  • Patio removal and lawn replaced – to pull up a 4m x 2m patio will cost around £500 including the removal of all waste (usually via a skip) and the laying of a new lawn. Check whether this is a seeded lawn or rolls of turf.
  • Decking – this is fabulous for creating a level platform over uneven area. For a 4m x 2m decked area, expect to pay between £800 and £1,000 if using a professional contractor. Again, should take about two days and as with all landscaping prices, check what is included.
  • Raised beds – for some people, difficulties stooping or crouching to weed flower beds, plant bulbs and seedlings, pull vegetables etc. stops them enjoying their garden. Raised beds are an ideal solution. Creating raised beds can cost £200 upwards, depending on how many you want and materials used.
  • Building a rockery – a rockery is a delightful feature and can cost from £350 upwards depending on size and whether you are using materials already in the garden or buying in rocks and stones.
  • A garden path – a shingle or gravel path are simple to build and as such, should be relatively inexpensive. A simple path should cost no more than £500 and a day’s work.
  • A garden pond – a pond attracts all kinds of wildlife but landscaping costs for ponds can vary significantly depending on the ground work needed, it’s size and finish. Expect to pay between £400 and £800.

Garden landscaping costs will vary across the country so it’s important to do your research – get three like-for-like quotations as a minimum.

Once complete, you can enjoy your garden even more.

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