Guttering Cost Guide

See how much fixing a leaky roof or broken guttering might set you back here in the UK with our useful guttering cost guide.

Although a leak – even an exterior one from your guttering – might seem like a small problem at first, leaving it for a prolonged period of time is only going to make things worse; and before you know it you might have internal leaks or completely dilapidated down-pipes that need fixing or replacing on an emergency basis. Getting the problem fixed straight away can help reduce all this fuss and keep costs low – but exactly how much does guttering cost?

Guttering cost: UK Prices

To help give you an idea of how much a guttering repair and/or replacement job will cost, we carried out some independent research before settling on the following estimates:

  • Average Cost of Guttering – for a simple repair job for a semi-detached property, guttering will usually set you back somewhere between £165 – 450 for parts, including VAT.
  • Aluminium Guttering Prices – if you want to opt for sturdier, less brittle aluminium (rather than u-PVC) based guttering, this will cost you a little bit extra; probably around £250 – 500 for a similar semi-detached home repair job.
  • Cost of Replacing Guttering – finally, the cost of removing the existing down-pipes and guttering along with replacing it with your brand new drainage parts will set you back the most of any guttering job; usually somewhere from £575 all the way up to £750, which includes all the necessary equipment plus a day’s labour charge.

It is also worth noting that in London or high-density urban areas these prices might increase, due to difficulties accessing the roof or guttering along terraced properties or around visible, busy traffic. Similarly, prices will also increase for larger roofs and more elaborate guttering and down-pipes on larger properties.

Hiring a Professional Tradesman

To get the best guttering job done in a short amount of time and at the best, most competitive price in your local area, you should always opt to hire a professional rather than an attempt a half-hearted DIY job instead. It might seem appealing to get the work done yourself, but if you make things worse it is only going to increase your overall guttering cost in the long run.

Instead, look out for a roofer who has experience repairing and replacing guttering, and who can provide both a portfolio of previous work and expert references with just a couple of day’s notice. You should also make sure they are fully qualified and insured by checking they are affiliated with a UK governing body such as the British Board of Agrèment or the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. This way you know they can provide the tools, equipment and (if necessary) the additional labour to fix your guttering to the highest standards, offering a guarantee or warranty upon completion and giving you that extra bit of peace of mind that doesn’t come with any old cowboy builder or tradesman.