How much does Central Heating Cost?

In somewhere as cold as the UK everyone needs central heating – but it is always important to make sure you have a reliable and efficient system in place first.

central heating cost
If your central heating system is unreliable or out-of-date, then it is probably time you replaced it in time for winter – but how do you know if you can afford it? Well, you will need to do some careful budgeting before you start getting in touch with local contractors. So exactly how much does a central heating cost?

Budgeting for a new Central Heating System

Your finalised new central heating system cost can depend on a number of different factors during the purchase and installation stages of the renovation, including:

  • The kind of fuel your new heating system is going to run off. Oil and electric systems are generally more expensive to work than ordinary natural gas powered boilers.
  • The size of your new boiler and/or system, and how much existing storage space you already have in place (whether it is in the attic or an airing cupboard).
  • The type of boiler you buy. High-pressure and condensing boilers are often more efficient models, but a run of the mill combi-boiler will usually work just as well for a much cheaper price.
  • If you need the old system to be completely and professionally removed before installation of the new system can take place.
  • Whether or not your chosen contractor has public liability insurance.
  • The length of guarantee and/or warranty that comes with both the boiler and the installation work.
  • Whether or not aftercare and follow-up maintenance is included for a certain length of time in the overall price once the new boiler has been fully fitted and is up and running.
  • Your payment plan options, and whether or not the contractor is willing to let you pay in instalments for the new heating system over a number of months or even years (as up front bill can be very expensive!)

Central Heating Cost: Price Guide

So what about the exact cost of a new central heating system? To give you a brief overview of current market trends we carried out our own online research of different boiler and heating system installation costs depending on the type of fuel and boiler model you choose:

Type of Heating System Price (£)
A brand new combi-boiler 500 – 1500
A new tank-centred central heating system (incl. purchase and installation costs) Around 3400
A natural gas powered heating system with boiler 1500 – 3000
An LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) boiler system 2500 – 6000
An oil-burning boiler system 3500 – 8000

Hiring a Plumber or Contractor to Install a New Central Heating System

Although these figures might help you to start saving or figure out a rough guide to how much a full central heating cost will set you back, it is strongly advised that you still get in touch with as many different plumbers and heating contractors as possible before making a final decision. Compare specific quotes based on your property and what kind of boiler you are after, and only then will you be sure to find a price that is suited to your home.