How much does a Gas Boiler Cost?

Replacing your old boiler with a brand new model can help make your home more energy efficient – but what is the average gas boiler cost these days?

Gas boiler repair

Although an old central heating system with a hot and cold water tank might be the thing you are used to, that doesn’t mean you should stick with it just for the sake of it; in fact, although replacing this system with a brand new gas boiler unit could cost you a fair sum, the much-needed upgrade will often help your home feel warmer for longer – and you could even save money on energy bills in the long term. So how do you find gas boilers and compare prices to find a model that is right for your home?

Home Gas Boiler Cost: Unit price Summary

The cost of installing a brand new gas boiler will vary depending on the kind of unit you go for and how easy it is to install; high-efficiency gas boiler prices, for instance, will be a lot more expensive than the most basic gas boiler prices on the market. To help you start your budgeting, we sourced the following figures (rounded to the nearest pound) for a number of different types of gas boiler installations:

Gas Boiler Installation Cost (£)
Installation of new boiler unit 540 – 660
Installation of new boiler unit and complete removal of old model 640 – 770
Installation of new boiler unit in new and different location compared to old boiler and/or hot water tank(s) 1140 – 1440
Complete removal of old boiler and parts including those in attic/airing cupboard and installation of new gas model and new radiator upgrades 2500 – 3400

Gas Boiler Running Costs: Price Guide

The total cost of running a new gas boiler will depend on how often you use your central heating and how efficient your new boiler is, but once you have upgraded an old hot water tank system to a brand new combi-boiler, you should see the savings on your annual utility bills start to materialise almost straight away. This table, for instance, shows how much on average you can save on running costs depending on your new boiler’s efficiency rating:

Efficiency Rating Annual Bill Savings
60% 1% off total former bill
70% 22% off total bill
80% 33% off total bill

Looking for Cheap Gas Boiler Prices

If things are looking a bit out of your price range, there are still a number of ways you can save money when installing a new gas boiler, including by:

  • Making sure your chosen Gas Safe registered boiler engineer has complete access to all the necessary parts and spaces where the boiler is going to be fitted before they arrive.
  • Removing any old pipe work or out-of-use tanks yourself, so long as you know what you are doing and aren’t risking further damage (and therefore costs) to the internal plumbing of the property.
  • Shopping around for the best gas boiler deal you can find, and double-checking that your chosen model has a fair warranty included in the price and up to a year’s free maintenance cover as well.