How much does Boiler Installation Cost?

A brand new boiler can help keep your heating system running as efficiently as possible – but what are boiler installation cost like across the UK?

boiler installation cost

If your boiler keeps breaking down and you keep having to call out a repairman to fix it up, then it is probably time you invested in a new model altogether. But how much will this new boiler cost to install?

Combination Boiler Prices cost and Boiler Installation Cost

To help you figure out how much your new boiler will cost, we did some online research looking at the various figures on the market throughout the UK, and came up with the following cost summary figures:

Highest Boiler Installation Cost £1440
Average Boiler Installation Cost £970
Lowest Boiler Installation Cost £500

This boiler install cost usually includes:

  • Removal of your existing model, including hot water tanks, cylinders and removal of pipe work if necessary.
  • The cost of the replacement unit, whether it is an old-fashioned hot water cylinder or a brand new combi-boiler.
  • Labour and trade costs, including insurance and VAT.

Budgeting for new Boiler Installation Prices

Although you can estimate the cost of a new boiler fitting, boiler prices can still depend on a number of different factors, including:

  • The difficulty of the upgrade – if you have an old central heating system that includes a hot or cold water tank, the removal of the original unit can be quite expensive.
  • Whether or not you need radiator units replacing too – sometimes these aren’t replaced for decades, especially in older homes, and become useless and inefficient no matter how new your boiler.
  • The type of fuel you choose to heat your home. Gas boilers and ordinary condensing boilers are usually a lot cheaper than specialist oil boilers or wood-burning stoves.
  • If you want the boiler to work in conjunction with any green energy solutions, such as solar panels or domestic wind turbines.
  • Whether or not you opt for any extras for your boiler during installation. Even things like filtration systems, wireless programming, electronic thermostats and radiator valves can all be added as additional products to your final bill.

Hiring a Professional Plumber to Fit your new Boiler

Boilers are highly complex home appliances that extract gas and/or electricity from a mains supply to generate heat directly into your home – as a result, they can often prove unstable if tampered with by someone who isn’t trained to fix, repair or replace an existing boiler. Faulty fixtures or an incorrectly fitted boiler can lead to gas leaks (including carbon monoxide leaks) and even a potential gas explosion on your property – so it is always better to hire a professional plumber to fit the boiler for you instead.

Most plumbers in the UK will have the experience and training necessary to install a new boiler as quickly as possible – usually in less than two days – and in accordance with all the necessary British Building Regulations. To double-check your chosen boiler installer isn’t a rogue trader, make sure they are affiliated with either the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) in England and Wales, or check they are at least Gas Safe registered on arrival. It might sound like a bit of an extra hassle – especially if you need a new boiler right away – but by confirming you’ve hired a professional you are guaranteed a professional service – every time!