How much does it Cost to Service a Boiler?

Keeping your boiler in shape is the best way to keep your home well heated – but what is the average cost to service a boiler in the UK?

cost to service a boiler

A brand new boiler can help make your home more energy-efficient, keep you and your family warmer during cold weather and save you money on your energy bills – but if it breaks suddenly, you might find yourself left to pay out for an unexpected boiler servicing cost that can leave you significantly out of pocket. The best way to be prepared is to have the money put aside already, or else have some kind of insurance or warranty where servicing is included in your original price-plan; so what is the cost of servicing a boiler in the UK?

Signs of Faulty Boilers

To prepare yourself for an out-of-the-blue cost to service a boiler that is broken or not working properly, you need to be on the lookout for signs that your boiler is growing tired or faulty before the problem escalates. This might include some or all of the following:

  • A low humming or buzzing emitting from the boiler unit.
  • Leaks in the flue or pipe-work around your gas boiler (for which you should always have a carbon monoxide alarm and/or detector installed on the property, just in case).
  • Cold or lukewarm radiators that also take a long time to heat up properly.
  • Ticking or clunking sounds in the internal pipe-work of the property.
  • Frozen piping connected directly to the boiler.
  • Low or erratic gas pressure measurements.

So how might these signs of wear-and-tear affect your boiler service cost?

Cost to service a boiler: Price Guide

To help you plan ahead and get your finances in order, we sourced some basic figures online that cover various different types of boiler service costs depending on how and when you pay. As you can see from the table below, an annual boiler service cost can be expensive, but help protect you from a hefty one-off payment in the event of a boiler breakdown.

Boiler Servicing Job Price (£)
Basic inspection and small-scale repair job 53 – 75 per visit
Gas boiler repair and servicing 70 – 100 per visit
Annual Gas Boiler Cover (including standard maintenance checks and full repair and replacement) 1500 – 2000

The cost to service a boiler within these price brackets includes a fully qualified, Gas Safe registered engineer visiting your property and carrying out the following tasks:

  • Making sure all heating controls and appliances are safe and in full working order.
  • Bleeding radiators where necessary and testing out their efficiency according to how long they take to heat up.
  • Checking for wear-and-tear on the boiler unit and its surrounding components.
  • Checking for leaks and drops in gas pressure that might explain the fault or inefficiency of your boiler.
  • Keeping you and your family safe during the inspection and repair job and recommending any safety measurements that might decrease the risk of another boiler breakdown.

If you want a more comprehensive or specific assessment of boiler servicing prices – such as a Valliant boiler service cost – then you are best off contacting your retailer or unit supplier and comparing as many different servicing quotes as you can before hiring the best contractor for you.