How much will your Home Renovation Cost?

Plan your latest home renovation carefully by budgeting beforehand and making sure you can afford everything you need.

home renovation cost
Home improvement costs usually depend on the extent to which you want to change and alter your home for good – and that usually means whether you are opting for a simple (but potentially elaborate) home refurbishment project, or a full-scale, permanent home renovation.

But what is the average cost of home renovation in the UK? Our guide to budgeting for home refurbishments and renovations should help put you on the right track.

Home Refurbishment Cost

A home refurbishment generally involves decorating work rather than any major construction jobs. On the one hand, this means most of the home improvement can be completed in a DIY capacity, saving you money on labour costs; on the other, it does limit what you can do regarding the space, size and layout of your existing rooms. Most home refurbishments are limited to various styles of interior design or redecorating, but can include one or more of the following renovations:

  • Changing the overall colour and/or theme of an existing room.
  • Wallpapering or painting existing walls or solid furniture (such as chests of drawers or radiator units).
  • Replacing old furniture with new stand-alone (rather than fitted) items, from sofas and settees to dining tables, bureaus and cabinets.
  • Decorating the home with ornaments, pillows, throws and other smaller home-ware items.
  • Replacing or updating smaller fittings and fixtures, including light bulbs and lampshades, clocks, telephone handsets, wall hangings, pictures and portraits, and photographs and frames.
  • Hooking up new curtain rods and curtains (including possible net curtains and blinds).
  • Hanging up new pictures of photographs with a simple nail in the wall.
  • Putting up new shelving and/or decorative wall hangings.

The average cost of a home refurbishment will depend on how many rooms you want to update and how much furniture (and furnishings) you prefer; some people opt for a cheaper, minimalist design, whilst others like a fuller, more decorated finish – either way the final cost should fall anywhere from a mere £500 all the way up to £8000 – 10,000.

Home Renovation Cost

Unlike a home refurbishment, a home renovation usually implies some degree of construction work that will reshape or redesign some fixed aspect of your home or the room in question. On the positive side, this means you get to change things in your home on a more permanent basis; on the downside, this often means the home improvements you have in mind will cost more in the short-term. So what falls under a home renovation? Well, jobs or renovations you have in mind might include…

  • Re-plastering old walls or levelling out floors and ceilings.
  • Installing brand new skirting boards and/or crown moulding.
  • Installing a new boiler and brand new radiator units.
  • Updating light fixtures and fittings, perhaps moving them from their current locations and/or converting to eco-friendly LED spotlights.
  • Upgrading shower units, bathtubs and/or water faucets.
  • Knocking down internal stud walls or cavity walls to enlarge and open up an existing room.
  • Installing new doors and window frames.
  • Upgrading to double or triple glazing windows.
  • Carrying out a full-scale loft or attic conversion; basement conversion; garage conversion; or installing a brand new conservatory.

Obviously these home renovations vary wildly from the small to elongated home improvement projects; nevertheless average home renovation cost will usually fall somewhere around £5000 all the way to £45,000 – 60,000, depending on exactly what kind of home renovation you’re after!

Just remember to budget beforehand and always stay on the lookout for a good deal when getting in touch with local contractors – that way you are much more likely to save money overall, no matter how extensive your home improvement project might be.