How much does it Cost to Paint a Room and/or House?

Sometimes all the home refurbishment you need is a new lick of paint – but how much does it cost to Paint a Room or a House?

Doing up your home by just giving each and every room that needs it a fresh coat of paint might be one of the cheapest ways to update your property’s interior and re-decorate with minimum cost and fuss; but how cheap really is it? What is the difference, for instance, between the cost of painting a 2 bed property compared to the cost of painting a 3 bed property, or even the cost of painting a 4 bed property? To help you make some calculations and see what you can afford, we have outlined some of the major factors that will affect the average cost to paint a room throughout your home.

Budgeting for the Cost to Paint a House

It is important to remember that the cost of painting a room by itself will obviously vary considerably compared to the overall cost of painting a house; and while the latter might be more expensive, painting rooms one-by-one can actually end up costing more than doing the whole refurbishment in one go. Still, you can figure out the average cost of painting a room or home by thinking about some of the following home-improvement considerations:

  • How many rooms are you going to paint overall? Does this include hallways and/or stairwells, or are you looking to do just a room-by-room re-decoration project?
  • What type of paint are you going to use? Gloss is often more expensive than matt paint, but this can vary depending on the brand and retailer you go for.
  • What about any embossing or feature walls? Re-painting a single room in various styles usually costs a bit extra than a single overall coat.
  • What is your projected time-frame for the painting project? A job shouldn’t be rushed, but you obviously don’t want to be waiting around for too long if you are paying a contractor by the day or hour.
  • Finally, are you going to hire a professional painter or are you going to opt for a more financially viable DIY job?

Cost to paint a room: Price Guide (per room)

Once you have a painting plan in mind, it is time to doing some budgeting. To help you get started, we sourced the following figures for the cost to paint a room from various online sources:

Room / Job Duration Cost (£)
Small Room 1-2 days 148-225
Medium Room 1-2 days 190-300
Large Room 3-4 days 240-425
Upstairs and Downstairs Hallway and Stairwell 2-5 days 240-480
Gloss Woodwork (existing plaster being of poor quality) 1-2 days 260-270
Gloss Woodwork (existing plaster being of a high quality) 1-2 days 148-160
Removing Wallpaper and Paint Job 2-4 days 255-450
Exterior of Property 2-5 days 435-885
Entire 3-4 bedroom semi-detached property (incl. exterior) 7+ days 1000-3000

All prices listed above are dependent on the existing plaster and drywall being in a relatively good condition (unless otherwise stated) and there being an average workforce of at least 2-3 painters, but it is also important to note that the cost for painting a room in any condition will always be cheaper if you opt for a DIY refurbishment. That said, you must have the skills and confidence to see the job through to the end – otherwise you will only have to pay for your mistakes to be corrected on top of an ordinary bill for a high-quality painting job.