Guide to Plastering Prices

Get to grips with potential plastering costs by determining what work you need done and whereabouts in your home you need it before formulating a final budget.

plastering prices
Although it might seem tempting to give most home jobs involving upgrading or improving your plastering work a go, DIY work in this sort of field can be rather messy if you don’t know what you are really doing. It is therefore always recommended that you inspect your masonry or plaster-work thoroughly before deciding whether it’s more than a simple patch and repair job; and if it is, always going with a fully trained and accredited plasterer to carry out the work for you. But when exactly are you going to need a plasterer? And how much does a plasterer cost?

Different Types of Plastering Job

There are a number of different jobs in the home improvement or renovation field that might require the skills and services of a plasterer, including the following:

  • Repairing crumbling masonry and/or interior walls.
  • Rendering and repairing a crumbling or dulled exterior wall.
  • Upgrading damaged skirting boards and/or crown moulding.
  • Renovating plasterboard flooring.
  • Raising and replacing wooden floorboards with a new even and level plaster surface.
  • Carrying out a ‘patch-and-repair’ job behind where an old portrait or picture frame might have hung, or where nails have been previously banged into the wall or masonry.
  • Adding the final touch to the construction phase of any new build, from loft and basement conversions to brand new home extension projects.
  • Repairing or renovating old ceiling plasterwork.

Different Plastering Prices

The cost of plastering can usually be determined by the nature of the work or repair job you have in mind and how quickly you want the work completed. In our original online research we sourced the following plastering rates to help give you a rough idea of the prices for plastering currently found across the UK:

  • A simple ‘patch-and-repair’ job: this shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours for a plasterer to complete and will cost you in the region of £125 – 175.
  • Plastering an single wall: Again this job should be completed in a day, and will cost you around £175 – 300.
  • Plastering an entire (small) room: A small room in a semi-detached property can usually be entirely plastered over 2 days, and will set you back somewhere between £275 – 400.
  • Plastering an entire (large) room: A large room in a detached property, on the other hand, will cost anything from £300 up to £1050.
  • Rendering exterior walls: rendering jobs usually take up to a week (depending on the weather), so will cost homeowners a fair sum – usually around £2800 – 6000.

Obviously the final cost of hiring a plasterer will still depend on a number of different factors, including: the size of your home; how much time the plasterer has to complete the work; whether or not you require scaffolding; and whether or not you live in London or another central urban area (those last two usually see prices increase a fair bit!)

Nevertheless – whether you want prices by repair job or plastering prices per square metre – you can usually find a good deal by shopping around both online and in your local area; just be sure to settle for a contractor who knows what they’re doing and can show qualifications and references well in advance of the actual work.