How much does it Cost to Render External Walls?

Looking after the exterior of your property is just as important is renovating the interior – but how much will it cost to render external walls?

External Walls

What is Rendering?

Rendering is the process by which a sand and cement mixture is applied to the outside of a building to help cover the gaps and cracks that might have started slowly appearing in the property through weathering and general age-related deterioration. By rendering the exterior walls the home-owner manages to help stop moisture making its way into the building, which in the long-term can help to prevent build-up of mould and rising damp (which can cost a lot more in interior repairs if left untreated for a prolonged period of time). Plus rendering is used to create a new and streamlined finish to the exterior of a property, improving the overall aesthetic of the home and acting as a suitable base for additional masonry painting on the outside of the building.
The major difference between rendering vs. plastering is that plastering is applied to internal walls. Also, plaster uses less cement, which allows to offer a smoother finish when comparing to render. Feel free to check our cost guide if you have specific plastering needs.

Our cost guide: what are prices to render External Walls

According to our online research, a render house cost can vary depending on the type of rendering you go with and the size and shape of your home. The following table outlines just some of the different render costs available on the UK market:

External Render Job Rendering Cost (£)
Render application, including layering and drying time as well as the addition of water-proofer and stabiliser with a smooth finish. 3010 – 5500
Render application with a ‘pebble-dash’ finish. 3150 – 7000
Render application with a smooth finish and additional masonry paint work. 4000 – 7000
Scaffolding Hire 28 – 40 per square metre

Keep in mind external rending will cost around £28–£35 per m². For the price of more specific external rendering work, such as lime render cost, acrylic render price and weber render prices, you should get in touch with as many local and national companies as possible to see if they offer these specific external rendering services in your area and for homes of your shape and size. The same applies if your external wall is too damaged or too old, and needs an insulation layer with a render finish (extra-cost can go up to £80 per m2).

Budgeting for External Rendering

Before you hire an external rendering contractor and formulate a final budget, you should also take the following questions into account:

  • Will you need to hire scaffolding? If you own a bungalow or live in a ground-floor flat, this usually won’t be a problem (and can therefore save you a bit of extra cash).
  • How large is the exterior of your home? Can you offer an average measurement in surface area to potential employers?
  • Will the old rendering need to be removed first?
  • Does the exterior of your property have lots of windows and door frames? This will usually make the job cost a bit extra, as the contractor has to carefully navigate the change in shape and dimension without damaging the frames themselves.
  • Have you got a chimney stack? Again this might involve extra scaffolding and more careful rendering work – which will increase your final bill.
  • Do you want to add a final paint or varnish job to the finished rendering? This can improve the overall appearance of the property, although it will most definitely cost a little extra.
  • Do you live in London? If so, be prepared to pay that little bit more for more or less the same kind of work.

Do i need a planning permission to render external walls?

If your house is not listed, or if you do not live in a Conservation Area, a National Park, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or the Broads, then you do not need to ask for a planning permission to apply render.
Please feel free to visit your local authority website if you have more questions on

So long as you plan for your external walls render cost using this handy guide, there is no reason why you should exceed your budget as planned.