How much does Plastering Cost?

A quick-fix or long-haul plastering project can be completed in classic DIY fashion or by a qualified contractor – but what are plastering cost on the market currently like?

Although some home-owners with the relevant experience don’t mind giving plastering a go themselves, it is often best left to a professional to ensure a smooth finish and high-quality job done right. But how much does hiring a plasterer cost?

Plastering Cost: Price Summary

To help you budget for a potential plastering contractor, or even a DIY plastering job, we did some online research into the current plaster prices across the UK, as outlined in the table below:

Type of Plastering Job Price Range (£)
A simple, flat patch repair job 150 – 290
Re-plastering a single downstairs wall 150 – 430
Plastering an entire downstairs room (roughly the size in a semi-detached property) Around 750
Re-plastering a ceiling 100 – 150
DIY re-plastering of a small room (akin to a semi-detached bedroom) 130 – 250
Labourer call-out for the re-plastering of a single room 50 – 300
Labourer hourly rate for any kind of plastering job Around 26 per hour

Although these are just online estimates they might be able to provide a useful starting point for the planning and budgeting stage of your plastering job – but there is still plenty more to consider before you go ahead and make any plastering purchases.

Budgeting for the Cost of Plastering

Of course, there are a range of different factors that might affect how much your plastering work is going to cost, including:

  • How much DIY input you decide to take upon yourself; even clearing a room beforehand and a willingness to help or finish the clean-up upon completion of the job might save you a fair bit of money.
  • The size of the plastering project, and how many rooms it covers.
  • The height of the walls and ceilings and the ease-of-access to any other hard-to-reach areas that need treatment.
  • How often the plasterer has to work around electrical sockets, radiator units and other wall hangings or outlets.
  • Whether you purchase the plaster yourself from a discount store before hiring a contractor, or whether you rely on the plasterer to have insider wholesale contacts who can get you plaster at a reduced price.
  • Whether or not the plasterer brings all their own tools and equipment to the job, including potential skip hire for larger renovations and refurbishments.
  • If the plasterer discovers any signs of wood rot, insect rot, asbestos or rising damp that will need treating before the plastering project can be finished.

  • Whether or not you and your family need to vacate the premises for the duration of the project, potentially paying out for a hotel or bed-and-breakfast to put you up while the work gets completed.

Hiring a Qualified Plastering Contractor

Although this cost guide can act as a useful rough guide to the price of plastering in the UK, you should always compare as many quotes as possible from a range of different contractors, both local and national, to see if you can find one that is best suited to your budget. You should also make sure they have the relevant experience and training, and that they are affiliated with a relevant governing body such as the Federation of Plastering and Drywall Contractors (FPDC). That way you know you are covered by a potential warranty and public liability insurance should anything go wrong during the renovation and re-plastering work!