How much does it Cost to Hire a Plumber?

Messing around with plumbing and pipe-work is a risky business, and in most cases should always be left to a qualified professional. But how much does a plumber cost?

cost to hire a plumber

Hourly Rates cost to hire a plumber

The hourly rate for plumbers depends on a number of different factors, including:

  • Whereabouts in the UK you live: cost to hire a plumber is generally more expensive in London and around the Home Counties than up north and in Scotland and Wales.
  • Your projected time-frame for repairs: a quick-fix job or emergency call-out might cost more in a lump sum, but will reduce the time spent on repairs – reducing your hourly rate.
  • The kind of contractor you hire: some plumbers bring their own teams or apprentices to help with large-scale repairs, while other prefer to work alone, especially if it’s for a simple drip or leak.

Nevertheless our online research suggests that, whatever the kind of plumbing work you need doing in your home, you can usually find a labourer in your local area for an hourly rate of somewhere between £80-250.

Plumbing Prices

To give you a more comprehensive breakdown of plumbing prices according to the type of repair or installation you need, we have also sourced numerous average online prices to help you with your budgeting, outlined as follows:

  • Simple leaky tap repair from £45 to £90
  • New toilet installation from £80 to £150
  • New bath from £150 to £250
  • Replacing a kitchen sinkfrom £300 to £450
  • Cold Water Tank Replacementfrom £200 to £350
  • Hot Water Tank Replacementfrom £400 to £500

These figures include both materials and labour costs, and while they only represent averages based on a few online sources they can help you to formulate a preliminary budget and see how much you might have to set aside or save up before hiring a plumbing contractor.

Hiring a Professional Plumber

Before you open the nearest telephone directory or look online for the nearest plumber, it is always worth thinking about the nature of your plumbing repairs and what you need doing to make sure you get the best service possible from your contractor. This means making sure that…

  • You have at least a confident idea about where the leak or damage is located, and the plumber can access that area easily upon arrival.
  • You have budgeted beforehand and can afford at least a single, up-front payment so work can go ahead as soon as possible (especially if you require an emergency call-out).
  • For non-emergency repairs, you have called a number of both local and national contractors and companies and compared as many different quotes as possible based on the specific nature of your job.

Cheap plumbing might seem appealing at first sight – especially if you are on a strict budget – but you want to be certain that the plumbing contractor brings all the professionalism and quality control along with a good deal; and that means looking around for the right sort of plumber to suit you. In all cases, do not forget to check their client references or professional qualifications such as the Chartered Institure of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (CIPHE), the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors Limited (APHC) or the Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF).

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