Guide to Roof Cleaning Costs

Take some time to compare and weigh up the various roof cleaning prices in your local area before settling on a final contractor.

If your roof is looking a bit worse for wear but you can’t identify any kind of cracked, loose or broken tiling upon inspection, then it might simply be the case that the entire roof and tiling needs a bit of a deep clean! But how do you go about scrubbing tiles and making them look as good as new without compromising your own safety?

Well, fortunately professional roof cleaning costs aren’t anywhere near as expensive as you might think! Whether your roof tiles are covered in moss and lichen, looking dull and drab from soot from your chimney or external pollution, or simply looking a bit faded and discoloured, there are a number of different roof cleaning specialists on the market who can keep the cost of roof cleaning tailored to exactly the kind of work you need.

Planning your Roof Clean

Before you start ringing about for quotes in your local area, you need to have a clear idea of what kind of cleaning service you will be asking for. This means identifying the problem with your roof and tiling, and figuring out the kind of cleaning method(s) and labour that you need to get them looking fresh and vibrant once again. So, what kinds of problem and methods are we talking about?

  • Firstly, think about the type of dirt or cleaning your roof needs. Is it covered with moss and algae, or suffering from an ivy infestation? Or does it just need a general scrub to get rid of all the dirt and black marks that have imprinted themselves on the tiling over time? Each kind of dirt requires a different method of cleaning, from chemical biocide treatments to high-pressure water jets – so be sure you know in advance what kind of method you need to get the right sort of quote for you roof cleaning cost.
  • Secondly, make sure you can identify the size and type of roof you have so the potential contractors can be certain that they have the tools and equipment that can help carry out the job in question. For instance, some roof cleaning contractors will only work on flat roofs, while others might specialise in large detached properties with pitched or gable roofs; keeping the contractor informed will ensure you aren’t wasting anyone’s time.
  • Finally, what kind of labour do you need to accompany your chosen cleaning treatment? A high-pressure hose often only needs to be powered by a couple of individuals, but the application of preventative chemical treatments or a deep-clean scraping might require a whole team of experts to ensure everyone’s safety on the job; so make sure you are willing to fork out for the number of experts quoted by the cleaning contractor if you want your roof looking as good as new – without risking any unwanted accidents.

Roof Cleaning Costs: Price Guide

To help you formulate a strict budget for your roof clean, we have found the following figures online from a few roof cleaning companies and specialists:

*All prices sourced from respective websites and rounded to the nearest pound. Accurate as of April 2016.

Remember, although these numbers can help give you a basic idea of how much a professional roof clean will cost, they are just a few estimates from a limited number of websites; to get the best deal you can, you should compare as many quotes as possible based on your own personal and specific roof cleaning needs.