How much does a New Roof Cost?

Getting a new roof is important if you want to keep your property dry and warm all year round – but how much does a new roof cost?

If your existing roof is damaged beyond repair or you have just moved into a new property and don’t like the style of the roof you have, then you might want to look into getting a new model altogether. But how much does a new roof cost? And what types of roof are available on the market?

New Roof Cost UK: Price Summary

The average new roof cost will ultimately vary depending on the type of roof you choose and the quality of the materials – not to mention how long installation ends up taking. To help you come up with a tentative budget, however, our online research suggests prices for a new roof will fall somewhere around the following figures:

Type of New Roof Cost (£)
Bitumen Felt Flat Roof 40-50 per square metre
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) Flat Roof 80 per square metre
Fibreglass Flat Roof 70 per square metre
Bay Window Roof 25-450
Pitched Terraced Tile Roof 4000 (based on 55 metre square sized roof surface)
Pitched Tiled Roof for 3-Bedroom Semi-Detached Property 5000 (based on 75 metre square roof surface)
Pitched Tiled Roof for 4-5 Bedroom Detached Property 7000 (based on 100 metre square roof surface)

Remember, although these figures might help you with planning your new roof installation they should only be used as a rough guide in the budgeting stage of your home improvement project.

Planning your New Roof Installation

There are a number of different things that will affect the final new roof cost in the UK, including the following:
The size, shape and measurements of the house and the surface area of the roof that needs replacing.
Whether or not you choose a flat roof or a pitched roof, and whether or not you prefer a felt underlay and/or slate tiles as your main roofing material.
Whether or not you need to hire a skip and/or hire scaffolding as part of the roof installation.
The accessibility of your roof – is it easy to get up a ladder and stay safe and secure while laying the new tiles?
Whether or not you plan on using existing foundations and/or tiles as part of the overhaul.
How long the roof installation is expected to take.

Hiring a Professional Roofer

While it might be tempting to scale a ladder and start on the new roof installation yourself, you should only attempt this sort of DIY project if you have the confidence and experience to see it through to the end. If you are unsure of your abilities, or even slightly wary of heights – and don’t have a spotter or extra person to help you out – then it is highly recommended that you hire a professional roofer to fit your new roof for you.

Yes, this will seem to add to the final cost of a new roof. But it will also mean the job gets done in a safe, efficient and logical manner – and if this means the project is finished in half the time it would have taken you to do it, it might mean that you save a bit of money after all! Just make sure you check out various quotes from both local and national roofers before signing any kind of contract – it is the only way you are guaranteed to find the cheapest new slate roof cost in your local area.