How much does it Cost to Reroof a House?

Repairing a broken or damaged roof should be done straight away – but how much does it cost to reroof a house?

cost to reroof a house

Did you know? The average roof lifetime is approximately 20 years!

Reroofing a property can mean various things. It might mean simply repairing a small area of the roof that has suffered wind or storm damage, or replacing a few slate tiles that have come loose over the course of several years. Alternatively, it might mean overhauling your roof entirely; looking at how effective it is at insulating your property and protecting you and your family from the outside world and seeing if a brand new roof would save you money in the long run. Therefore the question “how much is it to reroof a house in the UK?” becomes a bit complicated – reroofing costs vary wildly from place to place, and depending on the nature of your problem.

Cost to Reroof a House: Price Summary

Just because the price of reroofing will vary so much doesn’t, however, mean you can’t budget beforehand to make sure you have the money to get the job done properly. Obviously if you are handy at DIY and fancy tackling the broken tiles yourself, you might only have to look at replacement and purchase costs. If not, then you will also have to look at paying out for the proper labour. After some online research we found the following price ranges for various types of home reroofing projects:

Type of ReRoofing Job Cost (£)
Small Repair Jobs – replacing slipped and broken tiles, repairing joints and gutter down-pipes etc. 50 one-off fee
Medium Repair Jobs – replacing sections of tiling, installing new guttering etc. 150-200 per job
Extensive Repairs and/or Replacement Jobs – reroofing the entire property etc. 300 a day

Of course, these are just estimates from a few sources and shouldn’t be treated as a final sum; the average Cost to Reroof a House is difficult to truly ascertain and will always be treated on a job by job basis.

Cost to Reroof a House: Average Cost Breakdown (%)

Below, we have listed an average cost breakdown using percent of the total cost, so it is easier for you to read a quote.

  • Cost of all materials (tiles, ridge, felt, cement, fixings): 39% of total cost
  • Scaffolding cost: around 26% of total cost
  • Cost of hiring a skip: 6% of total cost
  • Cost of roofers labour for 3 days of work: 29% of total cost

Budgeting for your Reroof Repair Job

To help you plan, however, to pay for a reroofing job, there are several things you can do in advance of calling out a professional that might save you a bit of extra cash:

  • Firstly, if you don’t mind heights and/or scaling a ladder, go and locate the source of the problem yourself – this way you will be able to save time by pointing it out to the roofer straight away upon their arrival. Please be very careful.
  • Check out how dilapidated the area around the leak and/or damage is – will you need extensive replacements, or can the problem be fixed with a simple reroofing repair job?
  • What about the guttering and down-pipes? Is it all in perfect condition? Or is it contributing to the overall problem?. We have written a guide on guttering costs if needed.
  • Does the roofer have easy access to the top of your property? Can you start moving stuff in and around the garden out of the way so they have room for their materials and tools?
  • Can you find leaks and/or areas of damp from the inside of the property that might be caused by a leaky roof?
  • Do you have any tools or materials yourself that might help a roofer get the job finished to the highest quality, and without having to go out and buy more tiles or screws etc. before they begin? To get an idea of tile prices, check our roof tiles prices and cost guide.

This may seem like doing the reroofing yourself, but the more information you have, the quicker the hired roofer will be able to get to work – and therefore save you money on the cost of reroofing your house.

Hiring a Professional Roofer

To get the cheapest reroofing job on the market, make sure you compare as many different quotes as possible by being as specific as you can about the nature of the damage and how much re-roofing actually needs doing. You should also check that your chosen contractor is affiliated with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors UK before signing on the dotted line too. Once they arrive for the preliminary inspection, you will be able to get your final quote for reroofing your property – and can make sure you have the money there and then!