Roof Tiles Prices and Cost Guide

See how much new roof tiles prices might set you back with this useful guide to roof tiles prices.

If your roof is looking a bit worse for wear, or you’ve suffered a bit of damage during the latest bout of bad weather the UK experiences from time to time, then you might find that – after going up and taking a look around – that your roof might be in desperate need of some brand new tiling.

But why not simply replace the whole roof? Well, if your property is suffering from internal leaks then this certainly might be an option to consider, but otherwise replacing just a few tiles here and there can still help to improve the condition of your tiling without the huge expense of re-roofing from scratch. But what about the cost of roof tiles? How much should you expect to pay per tile?

Budgeting for Roof Tiles

Well, there are a number of things to consider when formulating a preliminary budget for new roof tiles, including the following:

  • How many tiles need replacing? While just a couple of new tiles can come in relatively cheap, your better off buying in bulk when it comes to purchasing dozens to save a bit of extra cash (plus it is always worth having a few spare lying around the shed for a rainy day!)
  • Are the old tiles cracked, loose or too old to repair? Anything that is beyond saving should be thrown out before you are tempted to make do and mend – as this can lead to leaks and potential flooding if you’re not careful.
  • What about the colour of your tiles? Redland roof tile prices are normally a little more expensive than plain brown or grey stone tiles, so it is worth considering how important the hue of your roof is compared to the final cost of the renovation.
  • The same can be said for the style of roof tile you are looking for; do you need an antique tile to blend seamlessly with your older property, are you okay with a plain flat tile? The latter will be cheaper, but might not look as attractive – even from a distance.
  • Finally, what about the tile material? Generally you will find that clay roof tile prices and concrete roof tiles prices are a bit cheaper than slate roof tiles prices in most local markets.

Roof Tiles Prices Guide

To help you keep within budget and get a vague idea of the average roofing tiles price across the UK, we soured the following figures from three online websites:

*All prices sourced from respective websites. Accurate as of January 2016.

Although these roof tile prices are just averages based on a few online sources, they can help you to estimate how much new roof tiles might cost for your personal roof renovations; and see what kind of roof tiles are best suited to your budget!