Guide to Roof Trusses Cost

Discover the roof trusses cost on the market to see how much it might take to re-do the roof on your property.

What are Roof Trusses?

Roof trusses are the triangular shaped frames (usually made from joined wooden beams) that form the basic skeleton structure of most roofs in detached and semi-detached properties across the UK. Although they vary in shape and size depending on the style of property you live in, most roof trusses offer a flexible and practical solution to roof building as they basically allow you to work from the largest to the smallest aspect of construction.

Budgeting for New Roof Truss Prices

So how much do roof trusses cost? Well, it is almost pointless to budget for roof trusses prices in a stand-alone fashion, as purchasing a roof truss usually suggests that the entire roof will be deconstructed and re-assembled – and this could include anything from added external tiling to interior decoration. So the cost of roof trusses ultimately depends on a number of different factors, including…

  • The size of your roof, including both the span and pitch of the projected roof trusses.
  • Whether or not the scale of the renovation means you need to hire a structural engineer and/or project manager to oversee the construction work.
  • If the building work during the erecting of the roof trusses should happen to affect any utility lines or water pipes which then need to be repaired, rewired or replaced.
  • If you are looking for a brand new attic or loft conversion as part of the final renovation product or whether the space between the trusses can be left unfurnished upon completion (attic roof trusses prices will usually refer to the unfurnished option when talked about professionally or online).
  • The degree of structural work that needs to take place during the roofing renovation project, and whether it includes beams and foundations of your property below the roofing line.
  • Whether the amount of building work means you and your family need to find somewhere else to stay for the duration of the project (for reasons of both safety and practicality).
  • Whether or not the final, chosen contractor is PEFC certified (that is, whether or not the roof trusses will be made from sustainable timber); and whether or not their final quote includes all manner of materials, supply and labour costs in a single, one-off fee.

Guide to Roof Trusses Cost

Because of the personalised and changing nature of roof renovation work from property to property, it can be difficult to pin a final figure on any kind of roof trusses cost estimate; nevertheless, we did manage to source a few figures online to help give you a bit of an introduction to how much this sort of project might set you back:

  • – somewhere around £25 – 32 per metre squared of roof truss renovation.
  • – around £3000 for the new roof trusses, and anywhere up to £14,000 for the entire renovation project, including labour costs.

*All prices sourced from respective websites. Accurate as of April 2016.

Remember, these prices are just a couple of figures based on very limited estimations; for the most accurate and up-to-date quotes based on your own property and roofing ideas, you should get in touch with as many different contractors as possible in your local area to see who can truly offer the best deal.