How much does it Cost to Install a CCTV System?

A CCTV system can help boost your home’s security – but how much will CCTV installation cost overall?

CCTV system

All home-owners want their family to feel safe and comfortable on a permanent basis, especially within the confines of their own property. But if you live in an area with a high-crime rate or feel like your home isn’t as secure as it could be, then you might find yourself feeling worried about potential intruders more often than you should. So what is the best solution to put your worries at bay?

Installing a new CCTV system might be just the answer you are looking for. CCTV cameras can help to deter thieves and criminals while also providing you with on-going, high-definition surveillance of your property – at all times if you wish! Plus the cameras can be surprisingly cheap to install too. So why not check out whether any of the following systems are within your budget?

CCTV system Installation Price Guide

After conducting some online research into the average cost of new CCTV systems, we have consolidated our figures into this easy-to-read table that should help you with your preliminary budgeting:

CCTV System / Model Description Installation Costs (£)
Single indoor camera model Can be wireless or wired together. Powerline cameras are plugged into a power point and transmit images to a storage device such as a hard drive 30 – 60 per camera
Single outdoor camera model Must be weatherproof or installed in specific protected areas. You can also buy a vandal proof camera. Images are transmitted to a storage device 50 – 80 per camera
Night-time camera unit Perfect to record when the light is limited thanks to infra-red. It is important to check the quality of images before buying 60 – 100 per camera
Installation and Labour fees Cost will depend on number of cameras, wireless or hard wired, motion sensor activation and the type of storage device. 900 – 1800

Although these prices can help you to plan for a potential CCTV install, they should still be treated as online estimates. And for more accurate quotes you can always contact companies in your local area, who will need specific details of your planned installation to help you with your budgeting.

Budgeting for the Cost of CCTV Installation

So how can you keep costs low but still have comprehensive CCTV coverage of your property? To help you budget as carefully as possible, here is a list of just some of the things that might affect the final price of CCTV installation in a domestic property:

  • The size of the property and the number of cameras you want installed overall. The more camera units and models you want fitted to the exterior of the home, the more it is going to cost.
  • The height of the property and how comprehensive you want your coverage to be. It is a lot easier (and therefore cheaper) to install CCTV cameras on a bungalow than it is up a two or three storey building.
  • Whether or not the system is going to be wireless or hard-wired. While wireless systems are less intrusive and therefore cheaper to install, a hard-wired system is often considered more robust and reliable – although it will mean increased labour costs.
  • The type of camera and CCTV technology you choose; night-time cameras, infra-red technology and motion sensors will all pile up on your final bill.
  • Whether or not the CCTV installation includes system upgrades and on-going maintenance. Otherwise you will have to put money aside to account for potential repairs and replacement of parts later in the year.
  • Whether or not the cameras include some kind of warranty or guarantee. This sometimes mean you pay a little more initially, but it will also protect against any unforeseen damage and mean you are likely to save money overall. Perhaps for the next five, ten or even twenty years!