How much does it Cost to Install and Monitor a Burglar Alarm?

House alarm prices can vary depending on what you are looking for – so how do keep the cost to install a burglar alarm within your budget?

Before you start worrying about how much a burglar alarm cost is going to set you back, you should look at the various different makes and models on the market to see why kind of unit and installation you want for your home.

Types of Burglar Alarm

There are two main types of burglar alarm available on the UK market:

  • A “Bells-Only” Alarm – as the name suggests, a “bells-only” burglar alarm system sets off loud noises to deter intruders before they actually have a chance to steal anything from your property.
  • A Monitored and Integrated Alarm – a monitored burglar alarm system is connected to the nearest police station via the telephone line or local radio network, and automatically phones your home when set off to request a password (should you ever need to break in to your own property!); if the password isn’t received within a pre-set time limit, then the system will automatically notify the local authority, who usually send out some police officers to assess the situation almost straight away.

Similarly, there are two primary ways a burglar alarm can be installed on most domestic properties:

  • Wireless installation – wireless installation involves fitting the alarms via a wireless connection. This method is considered pretty unobtrusive and is easy to accommodate in almost all domestic properties; plus it is portable, so if you move home you can take the entire burglar alarm system with you.
  • Hard-Wired installation – this involves lifting up carpets and floorboards and hard-wiring the burglar alarm directly to your property’s telephone line. It will definitely increase your house alarm cost and can be a bit of a hassle, but hard-wired models are also considered more robust and reliable than wireless burglar alarms.

Cost to install a Burglar Alarm: Price Guide

As you might imagine, your burglar alarm installation cost will vary significantly depending on the kind of system you want installed and how you want the units fitted in your home (that is, either hard-wired or wirelessly). To help you start budgeting properly, we sourced the following house alarms prices online:

Type of Burglar Alarm Burglar Alarm Cost (£)
Cheap DIY burglar alarm unit 40 – 50
A Bells-Only burglar alarm unit 300 – 600
A Monitored System complete with control panel, infra-red sensors and an alarm box 1000 – 2000
Burglar Alarm Installation 475 – 600
Burglar Alarm Annual Maintenance + 150
Additional Speech Dialler Installation + 100 – 180

Remember, none of these figures account for potential alarm monitoring costs, so make sure you take energy bills and other monitoring fees into account when formulating a final annual budget for a burglar alarm. The cost will also depend on a number of other different factors, including the size of your home; how many alarms you want fitted; and whether or not on-going maintenance is included in your burglar alarm guarantee or warranty. Nevertheless you should be able to find something within your price range, so long as you shop around and compare as many different quotes as you find.