Cost Guide: Solar Panels

See whether or not it’s worth investing in new domestic solar technology for your home by checking out the average price of solar panels in the UK.

solar panels cost

Once upon a time having solar panels fitted onto your home might have seemed like something out of the future; after all, they aren’t that aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and their metal frames and black, glossy exterior stand-out from quite a distance. More recently, however, more and more home-owners are investing in solar technology – but why is that?

Well, solar panels not only reduce your own, personal carbon footprint (helping you and your family to do your bit for the environment), but they also help you to save money – by reducing your energy bills to your personal provider and allowing you to sell any extra electricity you produce back to the National Grid! And that’s not to mention the fact that installing new solar panels can even add value to your property…

Although this might already sound appealing to all those ecological-minded bargain-hunters out there, you will still have to budget beforehand to make sure you can afford to purchase solar panels to begin with – so what do the price of solar panels look like on the current UK market? And how can you save even more money in the long run?

Solar Panels Cost in the UK

According to our research, the prices for solar panels vary considerably depending on the size of your roof and the scale of installation you are looking for. Nevertheless, we did manage to discover the following…

    • Firstly, that solar panel prices can be found for as little as £5700 online; an installation that will usually fit at least an ordinary, semi-detached roof in the UK.
    • Secondly, that some solar panel price guides posit the average cost of solar panels prices in the UK anywhere between £6000 – 10,000, often excluding VAT and labour and/or installation costs.
    • …and finally, that since 1st January 2016 the current UK government has set the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) price at 4.39p per unit – that is, you get 4.39p back for every kilowatt of electricity generated by the solar panels installed on your home – helping to reduce your overall solar panels price per panel.

As you can see, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact amount for your new purchase of solar panels as you will end up not only receiving money back from the government, but also saving money on your annual utility and energy bills as well. Nevertheless, it is important to note that you only qualify for the FIT schemes if you’re solar panels are:

1. Fully fitted and installed by a MCS (Microgeneration Certificate Scheme) affiliated contractor.

2. You have an Energy Performance Certificate rating for your home of at least “D” or higher.

Only once these stipulations have been fulfilled will you begin receiving money back on the electricity you make – helping to reduce the cost of solar panels in the UK.