How much does it Cost to Install Solar Panels?

See how much purchasing new solar panels and the cost of solar panel installation might set you back.

cost to install solar panels
Solar panels can help save you money and help you convert to a greener, more sustainable energy source – not to mention helping to reduce your carbon footprint and let you sell any excess energy back to the National Grid. But even if you are convinced of the benefits of solar technology, you still need to pay up-front for installation and labour fees – so how much does it cost to install solar panels? And how do you try and keep the price to install solar panels as low as possible?

Cost to install solar panels

So how much do solar panels cost to install? Well, that will depend on a number of different factors (outlined further below), but to give you a rough idea of the average cost to install solar panels we carried out some buyer’s research and discovered the following:

  • Cheap bundles combining solar panel prices with solar panels installation costs can be found online and in your local area for as little as £6000 – 7500, especially if you look to get the entire project completed in the winter months when there is less trade out there for existing contractors.
  • The average cost of installing solar panels on a roof is a bit more than your cheap bundles if you have paid for the panels elsewhere or up-front – usually falling somewhere around £5500 – 9000 (excluding VAT).
  • For a large detached property or rural house or outbuilding, your solar panel installation cost will be even more than on a smaller property or in an urban area (taking into account travel costs for the contractor etc) – usually anything up to £25,000 for a complete installation.

Solar Panel Installation: Things to Consider

Although these prices might seem like careful estimates, it is always better to shop around and find quotes online and in your local area that are related specifically to your own property and solar panel needs; for instance, roofing and solar panel installation contractors might want to know…

  • Whereabouts in the country you live and how long it will take to travel to and from your property.
  • Whether or not you have easy access to your roof and whether or not the contractor will need to hire out additional labourers and/or roofers to help with awkward shaped buildings and properties or any extra (but necessary) construction work.
  • If there is enough roof space for the amount of solar panels you want installed.
  • Whether or not your existing utility lines are compatible with the solar technology you have purchased and if your home consequently needs internal re-wiring.
  • The extent of your roof incline and which direction the chosen roof-face is pointing at, to ensure optimum energy accumulation from the solar panels that are installed.
  • The budget you have put aside for the cost to install solar panels on your roof, and whether or not you can afford all the work that might have to be carried out in advance.

Whatever you decide, just make sure your chosen contractor is fully MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited; this is a scheme supported by the Department for Energy and Climate Change to ensure quality control throughout the installation process, helping you to avoid paying for any shoddy workmanship. So after all that, what does it cost to install solar panels? Well, that all depends on what you’re looking for, where you live and what you are willing to pay!

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