How much do Solar Panels Cost?

Solar panels can be an eco-friendly way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce utility bills – but what is the solar panels cost on the current UK market?

solar panels cost

By fitting new solar panels on your roof, in your garden or somewhere on the exterior of your property you might be able to save anything up to 50% off your annual energy bills; not to mention selling some of the saved power back to the National Grid (via a Feed-In-Tariff) and reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the environment. But firstly – what is the cost of solar panels in the UK today?

Average Cost of Solar Panels: Price Summary

In our online research we found that solar panel installation costs can vary considerably depending on a number of different factors. Quote ranged at anything from £3,950 for a few panels to £8,000 for a complete home and roof install. That said, there are some extra savings you can make once the solar panels are all fitted and up and running:

Grant Description Annual Saving (£)
A generation payment Feed-In-Tariff (FIT). This must be applied for before September 15th 2015 410 – 495
Money saved off annual gas and electricity bills due to energy stored and used 110 – 135

These figures are just averages based on our solar panels cost online research, but they can help to give you an idea of how much you might save and earn back after paying out for the original installation costs.

Budgeting for Solar Panels Cost

Nevertheless you will need to budget carefully before you make any kind of solar panel purchases, and this means checking over every detail of your plans to see if you can afford what you want. There are various factors of a solar panel installation that might affect the final bill, including…

  • The number of panels you want fitted and the size of your roof or chosen surface area.
  • The quality of your current wiring and electrical connections and whether or not they’ll need upgrading before the solar power can be utilised from directly within your home.
  • Any future maintenance that might need to be carried out on the panels – especially important if you live in an area prone to spells of bad weather.
  • Whether or not your original solar panel installation plan includes insurance and/or a warranty.

The quality of solar panel you choose will also affect your costs, as some materials have greater energy efficiency ratings than others and are therefore a bit more expensive to purchase. The following table lists the three main solar panel materials on the market, according to their energy efficiency and corresponding price tags:

Solar Panel Material Energy Efficiency Rating Price Range
Monocrystalline Solar Cells 15 – 22% High
Polycrystalline Solar Cells 13 – 17% Medium
Amorphous Solar Cells Around 9% Low

Hiring a Solar Panel Installation Contractor

To find a roofer, qualified electrician or specialist solar installation contractor within your budget, you should compare as many different quotes as you can before signing a final contract. Check that your potential employee has worked on similar projects in the past, and always check up on references to confirm they are able to carry out the job to the highest standards and in line with all current building regulations.

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