Energy Performance Certificate Cost Guide

An Energy Performance Certificate (EP) is a guide for potential buyers or tenants given when they look at a property to buy or rent.

The EPC rating shows how efficiently energy is used in the property, as well as the cost of running a home. It can also include recommendations how energy efficiency can be improved in a property.

The energy performance certificate cost is an addition to the other costs a landlord or seller has at the time they rent out or sell their property. Newly built properties also have an EPC rating.

energy performance certificate

When should you get an EPC?

As a general rule, every time a property is put up for rent or for sale, an EPC is required. A newly built property should have one for buyers to see, the landlord should show tenants the EPC for the property and a seller must have one to show potential buyers too.

The certificate is valid for 10 years and became law in 2007. This means that current EPC certificates will run out in 2017. If you are planning on selling or renting out a property, you should get the certificate in place before the property goes on the market.

Unless you have opted out, your property will be included on the national EPC register. This allows prospective tenants or buyers to look at past EPC certificates and how the rating may have changed over time.

Do tenants or buyers need to buy an EPC?

The cost of an EPC is the landlords or seller’s responsibility.

It is the seller’s or landlord’s responsibility to supply, free of charge, the EPC rating to buyers or tenants. If they do attempt to charge you for it, they can be fined £200.

Landlords and sellers need to order their EPC before they start to market their properties.

How much does an Energy Performance Certificate cost?

There is no fixed fee for an EPC which means that as a landlord or seller, you need to shop around the get the best deal.
The cost of having your home assessed and an EPC rating produced is dependent on a number of factors:

  • The kind of property you live in
  • How many bedrooms it has
  • The area in which you live

EPC certificate cost for a two-bedroomed study in a city could cost far more than a certificate produced for a three-bedroom property in a small town. Some properties in remote areas can also be more expensive.

Prices start from £49 + VAT but always compare prices across a range of local and national companies. Some companies advertise an EPC cost as a price that ‘starts from’ but with hidden charges, the final bill can be much higher than you think.

You should factor Energy Performance Certificate cost into the charges and fees of either selling or renting out your home.

Do EPCs apply to commercial properties?

EPCs do apply to some commercial properties. There are a few exemptions, such as a listed building or when the useful floor area of a property is less than 500 m². If you are unsure, check the UK Government website for further details.

Commercial EPC cost will vary depending on the size of the commercial premises as well as the company used to assess the building. The location of the building can affect commercial energy performance certificate cost but, as a general guide, prices starting from £129 +VAT.

Who can carry out an EPC?

You must use a company or individual that is a domestic energy assessor or in the case of a business premises, a commercial energy assessor. Your estate agent or letting agent could help you find a local company. Alternatively, there are companies who have assessors nationwide.

The market place for EPC assessors is competitive, so make sure your compare prices.