Guide to Tree Surgeon Costs

A tree surgeon can transform the look of your garden in only a few hours but how much does a tree surgeon cost, and is it an affordable investment worth making?

Fortunately, in the UK the cost of tree surgery is not high so. If you want to tidy your garden and give it a face lift, there is no need to worry about the cost of tree surgery to prune back overhanging trees. You may also be searching for a tree surgeon because of storm damage to your trees too.

tree surgeon costs

How a tree surgeon charges for their time

Most tree surgeons will offer their professionals services on a per hour basis or, in the case of a specific task, they may give you an estimate (which can change depending on the job in hand) or a quotation (a fixed fee).

Always check how the tree surgeon charges and check what services they offer, as many tree surgeons offer all kinds of gardening services.

There are some tasks in the garden which are high-maintenance ones or ones that are simply not safe for you to tackle. Climbing a ladder, balancing a chainsaw or sharp branch loppers are not two things that make for a safe working environment.
Taking on DIY tasks that are beyond your skill set is a sure-fire way for disaster to strike. Tree surgeons are qualified and skilled, with all the right gear, equipment and know how to perform the task safely but in a way that does not harm the tree.

Current tree surgeon prices

Prices will vary across the UK, and from one tree surgeon to another but the following are a guide to the tree surgery prices you can expect:

  • Tree felling – around £250 per tree, although this will depend on the size of the tree, its location and other determining factors
  • Crown reduction – this helps to reduce the tree’s spread and height and can cost around £150 per tree
  • Garden clearance – with heavy machinery and the right skills, a tree surgeon can often be the person to call when you need garden clearance; expect prices of around £40 per hour or £200 a day (this may be more if they have a team of people)
  • Wood chipping – most tree surgeons will remove branches and the like once they have felled a tree or performed other tasks but, you may want this woody waste turning into wood chips which you can then use in the garden. This costs around £150 a day to hire a wood chipper, but labour costs if you want the tree surgeon and their team to do it.

How to Find a Good Tree Surgeon

You shouldn’t base your decision on tree surgeon costs and prices alone. Always seek recommendations from trusted friends and ask neighbours if they have used a tree surgeon and who they would recommend.
Spend time looking through online reviews too. Once you have a short list of tree surgeons, make sure you do the following:

  • Be clear about the work you want completing – the tree surgeon should then offer advice or solutions, detailing what work needs to be done and how long it will take. He or she should also be clear about what is included in the quotation and what is extra.
  • Preparation needed – there may be a few things that they ask you to do before they arrive to complete the work. It can be something as simple as making sure they have clear access to the tree, removing garden toys, washing lines etc.
  • Check what the final figure includes – for example, does it include VAT and waste disposal?
  • A risk assessment – felling or pruning a tree is dangerous and a tree surgeon will risk asses the job in hand before they start.
  • References – ask them for references too and a copy of the risk assessment, important if the tree is overhanging neighbour’s garden, a public highway and so on.

With tree surgeon costs being lower than you think, you can have a fantastic looking garden with healthy trees.