How much do double glazing windows cost?

Double glazing can make your home warmer and add value to your property. But what sort of double glazing windows cost will you currently find on the window installation market?

double glazing windows cost

These days most homes across the UK are fitted with double glazing. It improves your property’s sound and heat insulation. It also helps your home to stay warmer for longer – reducing your energy bills and saving you money. Plus it is relatively cheap to install too! So what about double glazing window prices? How much is it all going to cost?

Double Glazing Windows Cost: Price Summary

To assist your budgeting for your brand new windows, we’ve come up with the following double glazing price guide. We sourced several double glazing windows costs from a number of different websites:

  • According to, the cost of double glazing can fall anywhere from £2500 – 6000. This is based on a medium-sized, semi-detached home, but ultimately depends on the number of windows you want replaced and refitted with double glazing.
  • Somewhere in between at, prices for double glazed windows are listed at around £2000 – 7500. These figures are calculated for a typical 2-4 bedroom home with anything up to sixteen windows that need refitting.
  • Meanwhile at the higher end of the spectrum on, the average double glazing windows cost can vary from anywhere between £3000 and £10,000. This is for a 12-window, three bedroom, semi-detached property.

Budgeting for new Double Glazing Installation

Before you start choosing new window fitters to come and install double glazing, however, you need to work out a clear and strict budget for the home improvement project. There are several different aspects of this sort of home improvement project that might affect your final double glazing windows cost, including the following:

  • The size of your home and the number of windows you want replacing and refitting with brand new double glazing. (The size of the home is often calculated according to the number of bedrooms you have)
  • The chosen material for the finished window frames and casing. Wood and aluminium is often a little more expensive than your standard u-PVC finish.
  • How many window openings you would like per opening. Panels that include hinges and handle always cost a little extra.
  • Whether or not you hire a local or national company to fit the double glazing for you, and how many quotes you compare before signing a final contract.

Hiring a Professional Window Fitter

Few home-owners would find refitting an entire property with double glazed windows to be a standard-issue DIY job. So in this instance it is always best to hire a professional window fitter to do the work for you. Fully trained and qualified window fitters should be registered with FENSA, BM TRADA or Certass – independent and government authorised trading standards bodies that will hold traders and contractors accountable for any shoddy or incomplete work in the door and window replacement business. Plus this registration should guarantee that all work carried out in your home is being done in accordance with the latest British Building Regulations. This gives you extra peace-of-mind while the work is being carried out.

The final thing to think about when hiring a potential contractor is pricing. If double glazing prices online are a bit beyond your budget, take the time to compare quotes over the phone and barter for a better deal. You never know when it might be your lucky day!

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