How much do u-PVC Windows Cost?

If you are suffering from regular draughts it might be time to upgrade your window panes – but exactly how much do u-PVC windows cost?

u-PVC windows cost

Although older properties can be an attractive prospect to many home buyers on the market, they are often in need of essential repairs and rarely have effective insulation fitted – and that includes draughty, sash windows that, while looking nice from the outside, can leave you and your family struggling to keep warm during the winter.

Still, there is no reason you can’t tackle the problem head-on and still move into your dream home by upgrading your single-pane sash windows to brand new u-PVC double glazing instead. But what kind of window upgrade will you need for each room? And what are the prices for u-PVC windows on today’s market like?

Average u-PVC windows cost: Price Guide

To help you come up with some kind of preliminary budget, we sourced various online figures of the u-PVC windows cost across the country. The following table outlines various u-PVC windows prices depending on how large the windows are and how many pane they will need.

Window Size / Style Measurements (mm x mm) u-PVC Windows Trade Prices (£)
Single Pane 600 x 800 45-55
1 Large, 1 Small Pane 600 x 1200 75-85
French Windows 1200 x 1200 250-280
3 Pane (1 Large, 2 small) 1200 x 1200 130-150
3 Pane (2 Large, 1 small) 1200 x 1200 140-160
4 Panes 1200 x 1800 1200 x 1800 200-215
5 Panes 1200 x 1800 1200 x 1800 210-220
6 Pane Double Window 2400 x 1200 250-300

Planning your u-PVC windows cost

So now you have a rough idea of u-PVC windows cost, what can you do to make sure this kind of home renovation stays as cheap as the original quotes you have found? After all, u-PVC window prices are likely to increase if your window frame ends up being larger than your or your hired contractor anticipated, and the final price of u-PVC windows for your home can increase if you make extra work for your window fitter because of poor planning and they are working with incorrect information. So what sort of thing should you be on the lookout for when starting this kind of home-improvement?

  • Firstly, make sure you add up how many windows you want upgrading, and how many panes they each will need depending on the measurements of the outer frame. This will save time later on as your chosen contractor will only have to double-check your findings.
  • Is their easy access to all the windows across your property? You don’t want a window-fitter spending too long moving furniture about if they are charging by the hour.
  • Do you want any extras included in your final u-PVC windows price? This might include anything from locks or padlocks to triple-glazing or energy-efficient low-E coatings.
  • Finally, make sure your chosen contractor offers a fair warranty and competitive price plan. Obviously u-PVC windows prices in the UK will vary depending on where you live, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the small print and try to get a good deal where you can!