Cost of Sash Window Replacement, Restoration & Repair

Sash windows are found in many different styles and ages of property. They add a certain grandiose to a home or building but old sash windows, with their wooden frames and single panes of glass, can cause a home to be a lot less energy efficient than it should.

Sash Window Replacement Cost Guide

Common Problems with Sash Windows

Sash windows were made with wooden frames and window surrounds. They opened by pulling down the lower half or by pulling up the lower half. They saved space because they didn’t swing open and they offered a better level of safety in the home as it is harder to climb and then fall out of the top half of the window.
But wood rots. It also warps and swells in dry and wet weather, meaning that a smooth opening sash window was not always possible. Some windows would become jammed shut too.
The solution was to restore or replace sash windows. It sounds expensive but new sash windows cost may not be as high as you think.

Repair and Restore Sash Windows

Sash window restoration cost depends largely on how much needs to be done on a window by window basis.
Sash windows are simple mechanism – the wood frames around the window are slotted into the large window frame. The rope is also on either side of the window and helps the window to be pulled open and pushed closed.
As well as rotting wooden frames, this rope can become frayed and not offer the help it should in a smooth opening and closing movement.
As an estimate, restoring sash windows can cost between £300 and £500 but, it can be more, depending on how work needs to be completed.

Sash Window Replacement Cost Guide

These guide costs are based on one top sash window and one lower sash window, as described in the opening paragraphs.

Box Sash Windows

These sash windows have a thicker frame and a wider frame all around the window. These are common in older properties with very thick walls

Specialist sash window installers and experts will restore the box and sash, fit discreet draught strips to prevent draughts and movement in the window and replace sash ropes or cords with an ‘everlasting’ modern variety. Joints will also be checked and strengthened. For the cost of repairing sash windows, the window will also be refitted.

Estimate around £200 to £250 per box sash window.

Box Sash Window Repairs

Wooden framed windows can be more easily repaired than those made from aluminium or plastic. You may think that the sash window repair cost will be prohibitive and not worth paying, but you will be amazed at what sash window experts can do!

Per-window estimate prices:

Replace sills – £120 to £200

Replace sills and box frame repairs from £200 upwards

Replacement glazing from as little as £30

Smaller repairs can cost from £25 upwards

Complete new box sash window

Your property may have originally had sash windows but previous owners may have replaced the windows with modern, casement windows. If this is the case, there is no reason not to replace with sash windows.

Complete replacement including box frame can be cost from £1,400 upwards, depending on the size of the window.

If the box frame is still in situ (or something compatible) the cost of replacing will be lower, at around £900.

Replacement Sash Windows Cost – Worth the Hassle?

The cost of replacing sash windows is not as prohibitive as you may think and there is no doubt that restoring character to a property will also impact on the value and desirability of a property.
In the long run, investing in sympathetic restoration or replacement of sash windows will be worth the cost.