Sash Windows Prices and Installation Cost Guide

Sash windows look stunning. For many property owners, investing in replacement sash windows allows for the character of the property to be maintained.

sash window prices

A sash window pulls open allowing air in through the top but the lower half of the window can also be pulled open. Sash windows were the favoured window style on older properties, although there are some modern properties that for space saving reasons, also have sash windows.

Replacement sash windows can have this double opening or you can opt for either just the top or bottom to open, the choice is yours.

But is the cost of double glazed sash windows within your budget?

Sash Windows – The Options

When it comes to sash windows, there are largely two options:

  1. Restore your current sash windows and opt for secondary double glazing
  2. Or choose double glazed sash windows

OPTION 1 – Restore Sash Windows and Secondary Double Glazing

For some property owners, replacing sash windows with uPVC windows is not an option. This could be because the building is listed or of great historic value.

The option, in this case, is to restore the current sash windows – replacing wooden frames and window panes for example – and then opt for secondary double glazing.

Secondary double-glazing fits inside the property. Easy to operate, it affords you the same noise reduction within the home and energy efficiency as fitting double glazed windows.

Installing secondary double glazing is cheaper than fitting double glazed windows but don’t forget you have the cost of sash window restoration on top.

The cost of restoring a sash window will depend on how much work needs to be completed on it, but a general figure is around £300 to £500 per window.

Permanent secondary double glazing which is fixed to the inside of the internal window frame and opens and closes by sliding costs around £300 per window.

You can also opt for temporary secondary double glazing, but at £110 per window, it may be more cost-effective to invest in restoration and permanent secondary double glazing.

OPTION 2 – Replacement Sash Windows

Replacing your sash windows may seem expensive but there are two options:

  • Wooden sash window cost is significantly higher than uPVC sash windows. However, many property owners find that replacing windows with wooden frames allows them to maintain the character and authenticity of a property.
  • Wooden framed sash windows can cost around £1,300 each. Some homeowners choose to have front facing sash windows replaced with wooden frames, but rear or side facing windows with a uPVC frame.

Secondly, you could opt to replace all sash windows with uPVC frames. In terms of sash window replacement cost, uPVC windows of this kind are around £700 per window. Ordinary double glazed and uPVC framed windows cost half this amount at around £300 per window. To get more information, we have created a beautiful free u-PVC Window cost guide.

The cost of sash windows depends on the manufacturer and installer that you use, as well as the quality of the product you opt for.

Higher quality uPVC sash windows can look very much like painted wooden window frames, their final finish and style are so close to their wooden counterpart.

Is the Cost of Sash Windows Worth It?

Clearly, investing in double glazed windows, sash or otherwise, will see you save money on your energy bills. Your homes will also be far warmer and a more comfortable place to live.
On older properties, there is also no doubt that investing in replacement sash windows helps to maintain both the integrity of its character and appeal.
This, in turn, allows your property to be more appealing, especially when it comes to selling your property. Many people assume that sash window costs will be far more than what they are but the return you get on keeping the character of your property will be well worth it in the long run.

Replacement Sash Window Prices

Prices and costs are a guide only. Installer fees will vary – always get three like-for-like quotations.

Description Cost (£)
Wooden sash window restoration £300 to £500 per window
Temporary secondary double glazing £110 per window
Permanent secondary double glazing £300 per window
Wooden framed double glazed sash windows £1,300 per window
uPVC double-glazed sash window £700 per window

In Summary: Sash Windows Prices and Installation

uPVC sash window costs are lower than expected but create a stunning finish to your home. There is no doubt that investing in these kinds of windows will give you the final look and appeal that you want for your property.