u-PVC Window Prices

The average cost of u-PVC windows across the UK will vary. But the good news is that it is a competitive market and for the property owner looking to replacing one or all the windows in a property, there is room for significant price reductions if you negotiate.

This means that high quality u-PVC windows are affordable and within reach of your budget. However, it is true to say that u-PVC windows and doors prices are more competitive if you choose to buy more than one window at a time.

Most manufacturers and installers will offer a 10-year guarantee too. Always ask about warranties for fitting too as a workmanship warranty can cover you in the event of any issues with installation.

How Much do u-PVC Windows Cost?

What follows is a table of costs and prices found across a range of online sites. Be aware that these costs are a guide only; they could vary with some kinds of windows costing much more and other less.
Installation costs will obviously vary too, so always ask for a comprehensive quotation before you agree to any work.

    • There are a few other things that can increase or decrease the cost of a window
    • The quality of the frames and the material used will have a bearing on u-PVC window cost and how much you pay per window. The finish of the u-PVC frames – for example, the life-like grains of wood on a u-PVC window frame will cost much more than a plain, white frame. Some coloured window frames will also cost more.
    • The type of glass used in a window affects the cost of u-PVC windows. Double-glazed windows come in different versions. They are sealed units with different widths of gap between one pane and other. This air gap ranges from 5mm to 12mm, and there are also different options of materials to fill this gap, such as the inert energy saving gas, Argon.
    • The type of window will also affect price. The more openings on a window, the more expensive it will be.
    • Look out for the Window Energy Rating or WER. This will be applied to the whole window, frames and glass. The higher the energy rating of the product you are looking at, the higher the cost of the u-PVC window will be.
    • And finally, a bespoke designed u-PVC window will cost significantly more than a standard window.


A casement window is attached to the frame by more than one or more hinges. The window can be hinged at the side or at the top, and at the bottom, (called a hopper window). These are common in modern properties. A single opener casement window means there is one way of opening the window.

A sash window has one or two sashes that slide vertically open. People prefer these in period properties.

A tilt and turn window is when the window has two opening features – it can be opened as an ordinary window but with a turn of the handle, can be fully opened.

Example of u-PVC window Prices for different types of windows

Type of Window Materials Prices, including installation
Single Opener Casement: 600mm x 900mm White u-PVC from £200
Single Opener Casement: 1200mm x 1200mm White u-PVC from £300
Single Opener Casement:940mm x 1600mm White u-PVC from £450
Full House Casement: 3 bedrooms, 12 windows White u-PVC from £4,500 +
SASH: 600mm x 900mm White u-PVC from £500
SASH: 1200mm x 1200mm White u-PVC from £600
Tilt & Turn: 2400mm x 1200mm White u-PVC from £500
Tilt & Turn: 1600mm x 900mm White u-PVC from £240+

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