Windows Replacement Cost

Getting in new windows can help transform both the exterior and interior of your home – but what about windows replacement cost in your local area?

Why Replace Old Windows?

Before you start worrying about the cost of replacement windows, its always a good idea to justify this kind of home renovation first – after all, there is no point spending money on something that doesn’t quite need it; plus you never know what might need repairing next! So when is it justifiable to fork out for replacement windows? Well, it is always a good idea to replace your window frames and panelling if…

    • The frames and/or windows as a whole look dated and out-of-style, and no longer blend neatly with the local environment.
    • The windows consist of only single panes, leaving you and your family desperate for improved insulation and higher quality frames and glassware.
    • The existing u-PVC or wooden frames are not to you style, or look ugly and out-of-place against the backdrop of your current interior décor.
    • You are carrying out an external renovation and want the windows and their exterior frames to complement your final chosen design.

Budgeting for the Cost of Replacement Windows UK

So now you know you need new windows – but how are you going to make sure you can afford the replacement windows cost you are quoted? Well, there are a number of things to consider when formulating a preliminary budget, including the following:

      • The number of windows you want re-done or replaced across the entire property (and whether or not this includes conservatories and/or other outbuildings such as garages, sheds and greenhouses).
      • The style of window you want and the chosen frame materials – wooden-framed windows and double or triple glazing are obviously a lot more expensive than your standard u-PVC unit.
      • Whether or not the window replacement project will involve any kind of structural alterations to your property (for instance, if you are looking for a new bay window in lieu of your ordinary single sash window).
      • Whether or not all the necessary labour and materials are sourced and included in the final quote from a registered and trained window fitting contractor or company (and if not, how much it will cost to source these by yourself!) Usually, your window replacement cost will be significantly less if you opt for an all-in-one replacement package!

Windows Replacement Cost

So what is the average cost of replacement windows? Well, to help give you a basic overview we sourced the following figures from three online sources:

      • – around £2000-3500 for casement replacements, and around £4000-8000 for a sash replacement window cost for an entire property.
      • – around £2500-3700 for casement frame replacements, and somewhere between £4500-10,000 for re-fitting a home with new sash windows.
      • – anywhere from £5,500 to a total of £10,000 for an entire home’s worth of replacement windows, depending on the style of frame and your chosen material (u-PVC being found at the cheaper end; hardwood and composite being the more expensive options).

*All prices sourced from respective websites. Accurate as of March 2016.

It is important to remember that you can keep the cost to replace windows throughout your home down by comparing as many quotes as possible; making sure you compare like-for-like business offers; and trying to source whatever you can by yourself along the way so the labourers have less to do once they finally arrive to fit your brand new windows.