Get the latest bathroom decoration trends and styling tips

The bathroom is possibly the most important room in a house – it can certainly be the busiest!

bathroom decoration

Bathroom decorating can be the least favourite of DIY tasks around the home as it means the room is out of action for a while. But it needs to be done because with everyone using the bathroom, its décor soon begins to look jaded and tired.

If your bathroom is in need of updating, take a look at our bathroom decorating tips.

Shower Design

From a wet room to an over-bath shower, there are many options when it comes to getting the best shower design for your bathroom. If space allows, why not opt for a separate shower cubicle as well as a bath?

There are all kinds of bathroom decoration ideas that work well with showers, both wet rooms and over the bath.

Bathtub Design

There is nothing better than sinking your aching body into a bathtub full of hot water – with bubbles of course! There are many options including space saving bathtubs and Jacuzzi baths.

Bathroom Units

Keeping all your things safe and secure in the bathroom can be tough, especially if you don’t have a lot of room to accommodate everything. Again, there are all kinds of bathroom unit options, including some hidden gems.

Bathroom Fitting

You can install a new bathroom yourself, providing the plumbing and electrics are all up to standard. With handy hints and tips from professionals, it can be much easier than you think too!

For smaller bathrooms, using the space you have effectively and efficiently is key to it feeling bigger. With our small bathroom ideas, you will have a bathroom that feels and looks palatial.

Toilet Design

Trends come and go, but when it comes to toilet design, you want something stylish and functional, but doesn’t take up half the bathroom. From dual flush to drop flush, to round or square pans there is a toilet perfect for your bathroom.

Basin Design

From freestanding basins, to those that sit snugly on a bathroom unit, there are all kinds of basin design within reach of every budget. Like bathtubs, a basin can be space saving too, with clever tricks such as offset taps taking up less space.

Bathroom Building Regulations

There are a few bathroom building regulations you need to be aware, including correct sanitation, as well as sealed electrical components. These regulations are not to cramp your style but to make your new bathroom a safe place.