The Benefits of Back Lighting

Transform the atmosphere of your home by updating your property’s lighting design with brand new back-lights!

It may not seem important at first – especially if you start redecorating a room or property during daylight hours – but artificial lighting and its accompanying fixtures and fittings can make or break the look and feel of a property. And while open bulbs and traditional shades might be the easiest option available to most home-owners, they don’t always provide the atmosphere you’re going for; in fact, they can be glaring and intrusive, detracting from the interior décor overall and ruining the final effect. So what is the alternative?

Well, why not look into installing some brand new back-lighting instead? But what is back-lighting, and why is it such an improvement on more traditional bulbs and lighting designs?

What is Back Lighting?

Back lighting involves the illumination of a room, ornament, fixture, fitting or piece of furniture (professionally known as the ‘subject’) from behind; that is, from out of sight and beyond an occupant’s point of view from a usual sitting or standing position in the room in question. This style of lighting creates a softer ‘glowing’ effect rather than the more glaring, downward trajectory of an ordinary light fixture, and can be installed behind panels, raised platforms or elevated pieces of furniture – basically anywhere that has the space and corresponding electrical outlet to accommodate it.

Advantages of Back Lighting

So is back lighting really all it is cracked up to be? Well, that depends on the lighting design you’re going for in the room in question, but there are still a number of back lighting benefits you can mull over before you make any final decision, including the following:

  • Back lighting’s glowing effect reduces the amount of glare in the chosen room, making for a softer and less intrusive lighting design overall.
  • Because of the reduced glare back lighting is also easier on the eyes, reducing the dangers associated with looking directly into a powered bulb and therefore protecting your vision for longer.
  • The glowing effect produced by back lighting also makes for a cosy and warm atmosphere – perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and conservatories.
  • Because you can install more than one back lighting bulb in a single room, back lighting designs often make for more comprehensive lighting coverage overall – making your room seem larger and more visually appealing upon entering it.
  • Similarly, back-lighting can add focus to particular areas of a room that a traditional light-bulb neglects; such as behind sideboards or kitchen worktops.
  • Back-lights can be installed on almost any fixture, fitting or item of furniture you desire, so long as the bulb does not pose any kind of danger or electrical hazard (i.e. you can’t install them on the underside of soft furnishings without a non-conductive baseboard attachment) – making them a highly versatile refurbishment option.
  • Finally, back-lighting is suitable for almost any room in the home – it really can be installed just about anywhere to improve the overall lighting design throughout your property!

Although back-lighting bulbs and baseboards can be purchased from many local and national homeware stores, it is always a good idea to hire a professional electrician to re-design the lighting in a room for you; they will be able to safely and securely hook up the new bulbs so they are ready to use almost straight away – without posing a danger to you or your family!