A Guide to Electrical Work

Electrocution, burns and fires are some of the disasters that can strike when electrical wiring is in need of repair or replacement. Check our electrical work guide.

With 240 volts buzzing through your electrical wiring, if you intend repairing or replacing wiring, you need to be confident, skilled and trained in electrical installations.

The safest option when it comes to any electrical work is to engage a certified electrician. Finding the right electrical contractors can be hard, especially when you are unsure as to the work that needs to be completed.

electrical work

Common electrical work on a domestic property

  1. Aerial repairs

The aerial itself rarely malfunctions but the wiring can be damaged by weather. With most aerial and satellite dishes mounted high on a property, always seek the help of professional contractors who are trained to work at height.

  1. Light installation including installing outdoor security lighting

Whether hanging a new lighting fitting indoors or fitting outdoor security lighting, having it installed in the right place is important. The fixings need to be secure and with the need to switch off the main power to your property, the best move is to involve a professional electrician.

  1. Electric cooker installation

Depending on the company you buy the electric cooker from, it may be part of the service to have it installed. Alternatively, you can pay a small fee to have the cooker installed on delivery by a qualified electrician. Electric cookers must have their own electric socket and not be plugged into an electric outlet.

  1. Installing bathroom electrics

Water and electric do not mix and so when it comes to electrical installations in the bathroom, extra care needs to be taken. Sealed electrical components must also be used, specifically for use in the bathroom.

  1. Installing garden electrics

Weather can affect electrical installations in the garden. This is why garden electrics need to be connected to their own fuse box, with individual trip switches. Like bathroom electrics, the plugs and sockets need to be sealed units.

  1. Rewiring

The way in which a modern household consumes electricity had changed. The amount of electric a household relies on today is far more than that of 25 years ago. The increase of electrical items in a property means that older wiring may not cope, thus is a potential fire risk. Wiring a house by a professional electrical company is essential.

  1. Installing network cables

Some TV cable and satellite companies will install the cabling for you, although this may cost extra. However, you may feel able to complete this task yourself. Ensuring you do so safely and to a high standard so that requirements for electrical installations are met is key. Always have any electrical work or repairs that you complete checked by a certified electrician.

  1. Electrical repairs

From damaged cables and wires to a burnt out fuse, there are many electrical repairs that are needed from time to time. With electrical items, it is important to understand if there is a reason why they malfunctioned in the first place. The item may be old or it may be that there is an issue with the electrical supply in your property.

Meeting electrical regulations – hire a professional electrician

Hiring an electrician makes sense when it comes to checking and certifying that any electrical work you have carried out meets with current electrical regulations. As when hiring all tradespeople, always ask for a comprehensive quotation.

When it comes to electrics, it is important to be safe both in the installation of cabling and in their operation. Be safe with electrics!