Installing a New Garden Pond

A brand new garden pond can be a great way to liven up your outdoor space – but where do you get started with this sort of installation?

garden pond

While having a new garden pond installed in your back garden might seem like the best way to provide a focal point to the room and make the garden itself more appealing on a regular basis, there is no getting round the fact that most pond installations involve a lot of stressful and prolonged construction work. Not only will the lawn need digging up, but you will probably have labourers and workmen around finishing everything off for at least a couple of weeks. So is a new pond worth all the hassle?

Benefits of a Garden Pond

Well, there are a number of reasons why a pond can be just the thing to improve your outdoor garden space, including the following:

  • A garden pond can act as a centre-piece to most gardens, helping to add cohesion and focus to the overall landscaping design.
  • Ponds attract local wildlife and help encourage plant growth in their immediate vicinity; helping to make you garden that little friendlier toward the environment.
  • They are also visually and aesthetically appealing, making your outdoor space more inviting and welcoming to guests and relatives.
  • The sound of running water is also proven to have calming effects on humans, helping to make your garden a more tranquil and relaxing spot to spend an afternoon.
  • Plus ponds don’t have to take up your entire garden; they can be measured and sized according to the space you have and how large an installation you can afford!

Garden Pond Installation Tips

So a garden pond really does have a lot to offer; so what sort of things should you be on the lookout for during the planning and installation stages of the project? Well, before any construction work gets underway you will need to determine at least some (if not all) of the following considerations:

  • Does your desired pond fit into the existing space you have?
  • Whereabouts in the garden will the pond be positioned? Remember pond-life needs to have access to sunlight and be shielded from harsh winds and rain if it is to thrive over time.
  • What about the pond depth – does the installation account for any underground cables, pipe-work or utility lines that run underneath the lawn and need to be protected from sharp spades or other digging tools and equipment?
  • Do you have pets and small children who will need to be protected against the pond? If so, you should probably opt for a wire mesh or netting to help prevent them falling in; these nets will also help to protect any pond fish from ground-level predators as well.
  • Will your chosen pond require a filter system – and if so, do you have the space (perhaps in a new shed or greenhouse) to store all the equipment?
  • Do any overhanging branches or trees need to be pruned back before the pond is installed? If so, you might need to get in touch with a tree surgeon to spruce up the garden first.
  • Finally, have you budgeted carefully for all the necessary labour and materials to help see your pond go from vision to fully realised back-garden installation within the projected time-frame? A new pond might very well be the solution to your drab and dreary outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you should rush into a project like this; instead, you should shop around for a good deal and make sure you compare as many quotes as possible before choosing the pond that’s right for you.