Advantages of Skirting Board Heating

Transforming your heating system can help change the way you heat your home – but does under-skirting board heating really work?

skirting board heating

What is Skirting Board Heating?

Skirting board heating is a method of central heating whereby small aluminium casings (i.e. hot water pipes) or heat conducting electric cables are placed in the lining of the walls throughout your property in the space beneath and behind your skirting boards, pipe casements and (where appropriate) crown moulding. That said, skirting board heating is only really designed to run along the floor of your home; that is, against the lower wall around the perimeter of each room that you choose to have it installed in.

Skirting board heating is usually best reserved for new builds, as installing it in an older property can take a lot of time and involve a lot of hassle; nevertheless, more and more UK homeowners are taking the time to invest in this new home-heating technology. So what are the perks of having it in your property?

Benefits of Skirting Board Heating

As with any kind of alternative to traditional ‘hot water tank’ central heating, there are numerous advantages to heating your home via your skirting boards – including the following:

  • Firstly, by installing your network of heating pipes and/or cables beneath an existing structure, you are automatically freeing up a room and saving a little space; no more clunky radiators and exposed gas pipe work gives you freedom to add in a few more pieces of furniture and an opportunity to re-decorate as well.
  • Because of the lack of radiator units (which can over time attract dust and dirt fairly easily) integrated skirting board heating is also considered more hygienic, helping to keep your home aerated and the property dust-free.
  • In a similar vein, skirting board heaters are considered unobtrusive and lightweight, making them particularly easy to install – indeed, they involve a lot less fuss than the installation of underfloor heating, which often involves ripping up entire floors down to the crawl space before installation work can even begin.
  • Because they are unobtrusive, they also require little to no maintenance over a prolonged period; making them ideal for busy households and owners whose minds are regularly elsewhere.
  • Like other heating systems, however, skirting board heating technology is just as effective at heating your home, offering an even and regular distribution of hot air around a particular room, whenever you choose to turn on the thermostat.
  • And finally, skirting board heating is compatible with almost any type of existing boiler unit; whether you have a hot water cylinder, a cold water tank or even a brand new combi-boiler. In turn, this spares you any kind of upgrade or renovations to your existing system – saving you money in the process!

Remember, although heating your home from your skirting boards sounds like the best solution to your cold and unevenly heated house, you need to be careful when choosing a plumbing contractor to carry out the installation; skirting board heating technology is relatively new, and no major brands have yet emerged as the market front-runner. Compare as many quotes as you can, and make sure you get some kind of guarantee or warranty included in the final figure.