Guide to Emergency Boiler Repair Services

A sudden boiler breakdown is unwelcome any time of the year – but what is the best course of action to take? And how do you get the best emergency boiler repair services in your area?

Emergency boiler repair services

Nobody wants to be greeted with a broken boiler – but especially not during the winter, when temperatures plummet and you rely on the central heating to keep you and your family warm every evening. So how do you deal with a sudden breakdown to ensure things are up and running again as soon as possible? This guide to emergency boiler repair of do’s and don’ts should tell you everything you need to know.

During a Boiler Breakdown DO…

  • Attempt to contain the problem as soon as possible. That might mean mopping up a leak and using a bucket to catch any excess water, or even turning off the water at the mains.
  • Remove electrical items away from any unsafe or compromised water sources, including around the boiler itself.
  • Carry out a quick safety check to make sure the home is relatively safe after the boiler breakdown – and if it isn’t, do be prepared to evacuate you and your family and maybe find somewhere else to stay.
  • Look up local boiler repair contractors and larger, national boiler repair services and compare as many different quotes as you can (depending on the emergency nature of the problem).
  • Double-check or ask about average waiting times for boiler repair and service emergency call-outs, and check whether or not there will be any hidden and/or top-up fees that come with getting a plumber out at such short notice.

During a Boiler Breakdown DON’T…

  • Panic – this may sound obvious, but panicking about what to do could lead you to make some clumsy – or even dangerous – decisions. Contain the leak (if there is one), then take a deep breath and decide what to do next.
  • Attempt to repair a boiler by yourself, especially if you are home along and haven’t carried out a thorough safety check. Messing around with a boiler can be unsafe and dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing – so it is always better to leave the work to a professional plumber instead.
  • Offer to pay anything or pay in advance for 24-hour boiler repair – boiler repair companies that ask or even hint for you to do so are much more likely to simply be after your money. A qualified plumber or contractor will treat their customers fairly, by setting out a payment plan for boiler breakdown repair and doing top quality work rather than a quick-fix patch-up job.
  • Misjudge what constitutes an emergency – if a boiler has simply gone off but still appears to have a functioning control panel, it is unlikely you are in any immediate danger; and calling out for emergency boiler repair services will only cost you more in the long run.

Hiring a Professional Plumber for Boiler Repair Services

When looking for a professional plumbing contractor, speak calmly over the phone and explain the nature of your problem in a logistical, step-by-step manner that makes sense. It is also worth being aware of potential costs before agreeing over the phone to an emergency call-out. Emergency boiler repair in London and the South, for instance, will be significantly more expensive than in the North of the UK – so make sure you know how much you can afford to pay before you sign any type of contract.