How to Repair a Gas Boiler?

Check out the best ways to repair a gas boiler and see how a professional can help with any boiler problems you might have encountered.

repair a gas boiler

Common Boiler Problems

There are a variety of different problems your boiler and central heating system might encounter over time, whether it is a specific blockage or breakage or merely the deterioration of an important part of the system that hasn’t been upgraded or replaced for a prolonged period. Nevertheless, there are several different things you should remain alert and on the look-out for that might help identify the root of a gas boiler breakdown, including:

  • Clunky or clamouring sounds from internal pipe work (which are easiest to hear overnight when it is a bit quieter around the home).
  • Any kind of leak, either from the boiler itself or anywhere else around the home (where the source might be internal piping).
  • Any water damage, or evidence of mould or rising damp, that might indicate an internal leak.
  • Regular and frequent chugging or gurgling sounds from the boiler or hot water tank or cylinder.
  • An ineffective or malfunctioning control panel or thermostat.
  • Cold or lukewarm radiator units.

Gas Boiler Repair DIY

Although you shouldn’t really attempt any gas central heating repairs by yourself – because of the dangerous and combustible nature of gas – there are still a few things you can check that might help save time when a professional contractor arrives, including the following:

  • Is the electricity supply switched on? Sometimes this can affect how effectively radiators are being heated or controlled, even with a gas boiler unit.
  • Is the gas stop-cock open? Again this is necessary to allow gas to flow directly to and power-up the boiler.
  • Is the pilot-light igniting? If not, the problem is probably related to the boiler model rather than any corresponding pipe work.
  • Is the boiler’s gas supply switched on? Again this seems obvious, but double-checking will help save a fair bit of embarrassment than if you call out a repairman to simply switch everything on.

Hiring a Professional Plumber to repair a gas boiler

Whatever the source of the problem, gas boiler repairs are complicated and dangerous, and should never be attempted by an unskilled, unqualified individual who lacks experience in fixing and repairing gas and/or electricity powered household items. Instead, you should always ring around and find a professional Gas Safe Engineer to come and take a look at the boiler for you, as they will have all the tools and equipment necessary to complete the job as quickly and safely as possible. There are two main ways of getting a gas boiler repaired via a professional contractor:

  • One-Off Boiler Repair – if you have an isolated problem that you think can be fixed quickly and with minimal fuss, then one-off repairs will probably work out just as cheap as the alternative. This usually involves a preliminary inspection of the boiler, followed by the offer a fixed quote before repair work gets underway.
  • Long-Term Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover – also known as gas boiler breakdown insurance, long-term cover involves paying a fixed, monthly fee following the installation of your original boiler unit. Then, if anything goes wrong, you should be able to call out an engineer affiliated with your retailer or supplier who will fix the problem free of charge. With some boiler installations you might even be able to save on breakdown cover by getting a year annual repairs for free – just check your contract to see if you are eligible before you worry about paying anything extra.

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