Advantages of a Kitchen Lounge Maisonette

A new kitchen lounge maisonette can do wonders for your home and living – even if it seems like an unattractive prospect at first!

If you live in shared accommodation or are looking to downsize but are worried about having enough bedroom space for you and your family, then you might want to think about transforming the largest downstairs room into a dual-purpose kitchen and lounge duo, or as it is professionally known, a kitchen lounge maisonette.

Kitchen lounge maisonettes are a relatively modern and unusual interior design option, especially for a family home; at first sight they seem cramped and unwelcoming, unsuited to the demands of day-to-day living and as though you might be cramming far too much into a single – not to mention shared – living space. So why would you even think about purchasing a home with one already installed or even refurbishing to accommodate such an installation?

Benefits of a Kitchen Lounge Maisonette

Well, despite their unappealing reputation there are a number of advantages to having a kitchen lounge maisonette in place of two separate rooms, including the following:

  • Homes with an existing maisonette are cheaper to rent and to buy, helping to save you money that you can spend elsewhere – such as on your children’s education, or a family holiday.
  • Maisonettes also offer improved ease of access for all your crockery and utensils, as you don’t have to keep walking from one room to the other during cooking time.
  • Because maisonettes combine a kitchen and living area in a single room they are also usually a lot more minimalist in design; providing you with ample opportunity for decoration and enabling you to add your own personal touch to the area.
  • Maisonettes usually come with everything fully fitted too, from a built-in fridge-freezer to a connected washing machine and even a dishwasher if there is space – helping to keep things streamlined and help you maintain your current standard of living.
  • Because they take up less space and require less lighting and heating than two separate rooms, maisonettes will also see you save money on your energy bills.
  • Being a lot smaller than two rooms, maisonettes are also a lot easier and quicker to clean and maintain – forcing you to wash-up and clean as you go and giving you more time to spend as you wish.
  • Finally, if you don’t have children, are a bit younger and simply looking to move out of your current place, then a home with an existing maisonette is a also a great way to encourage mutual and compatible shared living quarters; not only do you learn to live with other people’s flaws and foibles and therefore grow as an individual, but you come to compromise on your own behaviours too – all the while making new friends as you go!

If you do plan on refurbishing your current home to accommodate a kitchen lounge maisonette, you will have to get in touch with either a local kitchen fitter or fully trained and experienced architect to see where the units will be easiest to place and how much the renovation is all going to cost; it might seem like a daunting change to your current way of life, but for some a brand new maisonette really can help to make extra space and provide you and your family with a warm, atmospheric space that you can enjoy together day after day.